Internet, video, the solution ranging from a variety of multimedia information exchange can be a huge communication as a media role and perform it. Currently, the Internet is marketing the new as far as how the growth was, internet marketing to carry out the best possible tools were. Internet marketing is the mass production Many-to-Many of the in the system off with the customer communicate via One-to-One as marketing with individual customers through access to marketing strategies unfold can Be as well as existing distribution path to diversification costs rising business and consumer direct you deal may help give connect because of the cost-effectiveness reap be there. Further information providers and between inmates communicate easily and existing market share is oriented in marketing beyond the temporal, diversity, interactivity through to individual customers to access with their customers continuing a relationship maintained may, existing market share It focused on marketing outside customers in Europe and America meet the information directly deliver may have the Internet era efficient marketing as a means of gratifying it. Internet marketing features and the advantages are as follows: As many branches there. 

Two-way communication

Internet marketing startup Internet in the interaction starts. Online chats or newsgroups via the product or the service for the customer response, reliability, preference, and the complaint immediately grasp can be interactive if communication is possible. Marketers consumers need to be what it is, what if you want to know can, and, customer complaints and feedback, lifestyle and needs identified, marketers are in the market for I know that those do not know where to for accurate analysis possible. The Internet is a one-way communication made differently and the media differentiated strategic communication as a means of various strategies the ability to perform strongly be utilized. Marketing is the process of consumers to participation can be made in that important sense. Businesses and consumers between information and ideas interactive flow of the company in the position of consumer idea generation and Product design, better further marketing communications on their own can participate in that implies. Consumers from the perspective look, the pleasant marketing consumer information acquisition costs down to give, of good quality concrete information sufficient to provide can and this caused the market efficiency is ultimate to consumers the benefits angyeojunda. 

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Product diversification and quality improvement  

Competition is intensifying product specifications standardized product quality is improved, the market with the expansion of the product is made to order consists of product diversification achieve.

inventory management costs and bad inventory of risk mitigation  

Order is activated and the product variety had myeon immediately Inventory Management (JIT) and integrated manufacturing technology through the product or the service for the request electronically be connected can have inventory management costs and bad inventory of the risk is reduced. 

Corporate image creation and customer management

The company’s Internet Web site by opening it to the company for strong images serve to create and, financially strong and leading roles for a company called the raise gives. Seller consumers and one day the relationship form of customer information effectively collected and to the management may have. Electronic trading on the file recorded purchase information and web server log files to be recorded customers’ web surfing process to trace customer’s buying habits and the symbol of the information quickly and accurately Can be obtained.


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