Google Ads appear at the top of the search engine result page. These are paid slots. But, do you know even that does not guarantee success sometimes? And the blame is entirely on poor handling of the PPC Ads. Let’s take a look at some of the must-do practices that can yield better results for your ad campaign.

  1. Every Ad Extension Counts – So, Don’t Leave any Unused.

Initially, Google provided only four ad extension types – site links, location extension, call extension, and app extension.

But, it is not the end!

Google has enriched its ad extension and how! It releases a new extension almost every quarter now. The users can now pick from – price extensions, callout extensions, structured snippets, message extensions, and several others. 

Some may think, why to invest in each of them?

Well, two reasons can justify this investment. First, this will cost you almost nothing. Secondly, every extension contributes to some number of clicks. Though the most clickable part continues to be the headline of the ad with 89% clicks scored by it, the possibility of getting clicks from the extension cannot be denied either. So, by not having ad extensions, you might be missing a few clicks.

Apart from these two prominent reasons, here are some more great functions that ad extensions do:

  • These add to the aesthetics and credibility of the ad. Extensions make ads more noticeable.
  • The CTR or click-through rate of an ad with an extension is twice that of ads without an extension.
  • The ad extensions give the searchers an option available on the site the fastest. For example, in a vacation specialists’ ad, if there is an extension like Orlando Vacation, those looking for a vacation in Orlando will be prompted to click on it, leading to the fastest conversions.
  1. Not just in one account, ad extensions should be added throughout the account

You got all extensions for your Google Ad, Bingo! But, this is just the start. To maximize the advantage of having multiple ad extensions, one needs to apply these throughout the ad account. Failing to do this affects the CTR and Quality Score benefits badly.

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Why would someone forget to put the ad extension? 

It happens mostly because the extensions do not fit into all ad messages. So, the most straightforward thing to do is to create ad extensions of generic nature.

Secondly, the Ads account is not used only for one campaign. The users of Ads services come up with the ad campaigns according to their needs. If the generic ad extensions are applied at the account level, it can apply to all the campaigns. Thus, the hassle of remembering to add an extension can be saved by this simple yet meaningful practice.

  1. Display the message that makes sense

Designing the copy for Google Ads is not simple. Ads should contain the search phrases to appear in search engine results and provide the correct option. Having this accuracy requires in-depth keyword research. In addition to creating the most relevant messages, the Ads optimization must include these steps too:

  • Creation of responsive display ads 

Ads can lose their effectiveness if the display material and design are not responsive. People search for products or services on devices with varying screen sizes. Thus, ad campaign designers must pay attention to the responsiveness feature of display ads.

  • Make the click more worth for the searcher with videos.

When the searcher has reached the right ad and you, as an advertiser, have got that much-desired click, you must make the most of this opportunity. So, embed some explainer videos or the guides or other informative material on the display page. It can increase the chances of conversions manifold.

  1. Expanding ways to connect to the customers

A much-overlooked activity is that of not keeping the customer engaged after earning a click. One explained above is – use of videos. The other ways of keeping the customer engaged are:

  • Retarget customers wherever they go

A customer’s internet behavior can tell you a lot about how to create more opportunities to interact. Display ads can be used to retarget customers at various other sites they visit after spending time on your site.  

  • Do keyword research regularly.
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Internet is an ever-changing place. Even Google’s algorithm changes regularly. So, why stick to the same set of keywords and put the campaign’s success in danger? It is essential to update the display ads content with newer keywords. The newer keywords help expand ways of connecting by improving the chances of getting clicked.

  • Design surveys, feedbacks buttons for Google Ads 

Ads can pull the audience, but retaining them lies in your hands. The site owners using Google Ads must stress upon taking the feedback from the customers. They can also design a quick survey to garner responses from the visitors. Most interestingly, why not add a CTA like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ and cash the interest created by the ad?

  1. Focus on revenue generation by featuring products

The ultimate aim of any optimization practice is to score a conversion. The customers coming to your site are more likely to buy the product if you have given them correct and complete information apart from making compelling CTA. 

Some of the practices that can enhance revenue generation are:

  • Give discount offers and show these are for a limited time
  • Encourage customers to unlock offers and share a word about it with others
  • Use ‘recommend us’ or ‘tell a friend’ to get a better reach.
  • Tell about the offers in the nearby stores; it may help increase the foot traffic at the store too!

Mentioned above are the practices that include both the most common and the most ignored ones. In a nutshell, there is nothing that goes obsolete when it comes to Google Ads optimization. The process may become different or the outcomes expected may change with time. So, the best advice is to keep revisiting the optimization tactics. Next, be vigilant about missing components to enrich the campaign in an entirely customer-centric way.


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