Do you want to contribute to the American republic in the midst of all the controversy? offers all citizens of the United States to donate their share to the Citizenship Committee of the United States Republic.

Even if it means goodwill to your country, contributing to a fundraising website can be tricky. The most common question people ask is, where does the money they contribute go? Many people doubt the authenticity.

Amid various controversies, citizens criticize the government’s initiative and shy away from helping the right leaders envision a better country.

What is

Gabattleground com is an online fundraising site. The site launched on November 10, 2020 and appears to motivate people to contribute a meaningful donation to Georgia’s historic capital.

The site appears to raise money to support Republican senators and the Trump Foundation. You can get a minimum contribution of one dollar to the website.

The site asks for your social security number and verifies its authenticity, and the donation amount is automatically charged to your card.

Controversy of the Senator of the Republic:

The senators of the Republic, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, are owners of a stock exchange company and are the former republican associations of the United States.

The news is such that they tried to manipulate their stock rating by buying the shares to increase their market value before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Once they got the news that the pandemic will cause the market to crash, they pre-sold the shares at a higher rate ahead of the official global warning and the entire stock market was down.

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Is Gabattleground com legit?

The site asks for your social security number to authenticate your identity, which we believe is a strategically designed scam. The site is only 28 days old and there is no proof of its authenticity.

The initial impression of the site is quite remarkable. Still, after the Republican senators’ stock controversy, some people might feel the contribution is yet another opportunity to plan a more drastic fraudulent scheme. does not look legitimate to us, and we strictly advise you not to share your social security number or credit card details on the website.

The site receives weekly recurring donations from you, which means that the donation is like a subscription, and the amount will be deducted from your account every week without your permission.

The site can be a rigorous cyber fraud attempt to obtain your credentials and personal details, and we all know that with a social security number, a person can know their entire life.

Final verdict:

You might find millions of fundraising websites lurking so you don’t get caught up in their game. We strictly inform you that Gabattleground com is not legitimate, and donating to this site may be your biggest mistake. Comment below if you find this review helpful and share your views on these fake fundraising websites.


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