Looking for a new website to buy toys for your children? Do you want your toddlers to get the best toys for learning and playing? You must visit this new website called apricot penguin. But before making a purchasing decision from this website, let’s take a look at Is the Apricot Penguin Legit?

To help you know all the details of this website, we have written this review post in which we provide end-to-end information about the website. We will resolve inquiries from people in the UK so that they have no trouble buying.

Since you have to buy toys for your young children, you cannot take the risk. So, read the review post to the end.

Is the apricot penguin legit?

The most important thing to find about a side before placing an order is to verify its legitimacy. You must see if this website can be trusted to buy toys for your children. So, we have done a thorough investigation on the site.

Upon analyzing the website, we found that it has an invalid SSL certification. The Alexa Popularity of this website is zero. No, Apricot Penguin reviews available. The owner of the apricot penguin has not revealed his identity through the use of some paid services. The website has only two backlinks, which are not enough to rank any website. The age of this website is only 3 months. So, considering all these points, we can say that this website is not a reliable option to buy toys. It may be a scam.

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What is ApricotPenguin.co.uk?

Apricotpenguin.co.uk is a newly registered online toy store. This website is only 92 days old and still not popular with UK users. You’ll find a variety of toys on this website, all of which are nominally priced. Looking at the pictures of the product and its price, you may be drawn in.

However, if you go through all the essential pages of the website, you will find a lot of suspicious things. For example, About Us does not contain any useful information about the website; your information is hidden when using some paid services. We tried to get more information on the website to see Is the apricot penguin legit? We have collected a lot of questionable information.

Let’s look at the specs and the pros and cons of buying from this website.


• Website:

• Type of products: children’s toys

• Refund: accepted only if returned within 14 days of purchase

• Email:

• Talk to:

•Country name:

•Payment options:

• Advantages of buying from Apricot Penguin

• There are a variety of toys available at the apricot penguins site

• all toys are available at a very affordable price

Cons of buying from Apricot Penguin

• The website has an invalid SSL certificate, so it cannot be trusted.

• Has zero Alexa popularity

• Customer reviews are not available on the web

• The website registration date is new and your WHOIS information is not provided.

What are Apricot Penguin Reviews?

We have done extensive research on this website because it is directed at your young child’s products. We want you to not buy toys from an untrustworthy website. Therefore, an essential aspect of a website is the available customer reviews of the products.

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Unfortunately, this website is not popular with users and is now in the digital world, so there was no customer feedback. For this reason, we may suggest that you buy only from a secure website. There are many highly trusted online toy stores that you can consider for shopping.

Final vision

If you still have a question in mind regarding Is the apricot penguin legit? We are here to clear all your doubts. You are never advised to buy anything from a website that is less than 6 months old. Apricot penguin is a recently built website with a lot of suspicious spots.

This website lacks owner information, is not popular on the web, and all details provided online appear to be unreliable. We put this website in the category of fraudulent site.

We advise online shoppers to stay away, and if this site scam you, please share the feedback with us and let others take notice.


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