Looking for the store to buy various needed items? So, let’s go through the details about the Home depot mall and check if it is a site that customers can trust or not. Knowing the customer reviews will be useful to verify their legitimacy. Home Depot Mall Scam – We’ll see that in today’s content.

People in the United States often purchase vacuum cleaners, blenders, and such products online. So for them, we are going to share the details of Home Depot Mall.

Is it a Home Depot mall scam?

Knowing that the site is reliable or not should be the first step that every buyer should know if they are going to buy online. So we searched this website online and found some red flags about the site. First of all, the site was registered on December 1, 2020, that is, only a few days ago. Therefore, we cannot trust this site as it is completely new to the market.

Second, the page about us is not descriptive and does not share enough details of the site. Also, the site has social media icons, but when clicked, it doesn’t show any response, giving us a clear indication that the site is not available on social media.

Also, the address mentioned by them seems to be invalid as we verified this on the google map. Customer reviews are also not available with us at this time.

Therefore, Home Depot Mall Reviews states that there is no question that this website is a scam. So readers beware of that. Since it offers discounts and free shipping facilities to attract customers, you need to be careful as the site is suspicious.

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What is the Home Depot Mall?

It is an online store that has a wide range of collection of daily necessities such as blenders, vacuum cleaners, instant photo printers. In addition, the site also has the collection of latest and advanced technology products such as Smart Clock, Ring Video Doorbell and many more.

In addition, the site offers its featured products to its customers, from the computer desk to the side table with drawers, all are available. The site has shared its terms and conditions with customers.

After reading the details of the site, you may be thinking Can Home Depot Mall Scam? You will receive this reply soon. Read on and see the site-specific details.

Home Depot Mall Specifications

• Website type: an online store with a wide range of needed items.

• Company address: 298 Fletcher Pkwy, EI Cajon, CA 92020, United States

• Company Email ID: support@homedepotmall.com

• Telephone number of the company: 6194016611

• Delivery time: 2-3 business days.

• Shipping cost – Free

• Refund – available

• Return: within 30 days.

• Payment method: VISA, PayPal, MasterCard

Advantages of using Home Depot Mall

• This website has a good collection of advanced technology products.

• The site offers free shipping to buyers.

• The site offers discounts on items.

Cons of using Home Depot Mall

• The website is recently registered.

• The site is not active on social networks.

• The site about us does not share enough information.

• The address mentioned on the site is incorrect.

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• The site has not received customer feedback.

What are people saying about the Home Depot Mall?

Being recently registered, the site has received no customer feedback. We also searched this site on social media, but couldn’t find your page on either Facebook or Instagram. No fake reviews and icons also add a negative point justifying the Home Depot Mall scam. All we can say is that the site has yet to receive customer reviews. So share your experience with us.


Although this online store offers us free shipping and offers us a discount on its items, there are so many red flags that it may discourage you from making purchases. The site is new to the market and there are no reviews available, as is the social media presence. Fake details are shared with clients.

The unavailability of the Home Depot Mall reviews indicates that no purchases should be made on this site. We suggest that you stay away and be aware of this site. If you have bought something, please share your feedback as it is the most important thing.


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