There are two sets of motor enthusiasts, one who prefer the vehicle as provided by the manufacturer and those who opt to customise every spare and part. Here we talk about those who make modifications. While modifying your bike is a liberating experience, you need to be careful to not end up disobeying the law at the same time.

For example, bikes aren’t permitted to have loud exhaust sounds over a specified decibel. Not obeying the law can result in your bike getting impounded. Also, the changes that are permitted by the law need to be informed to the concerned authorities like the Regional Transport Office, and even your two wheeler insurance company.

Do’s of modifying your bike

Strike a balance: Maintaining a balance between the aesthetics and performance your bike is essential. Do not go overboard with aesthetics compromising the performance in the long run. If you are among those who are more concerned about aesthetics over performance, modification can be an expensive affair. On the contrary, some performance modifications can make your bike illegal for the roads. Take note when making any alteration of that kind.

Security enhancements: While modifying your bike, do not ignore the security aspect too. Certain modifications are permitted by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). Installing these security modifications can help you save some premium too. Make sure to take advantage of these permitted modifications at your next two wheeler insurance renewal

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Intimate to the concerned authorities: Any modifications on your bike must be informed to the concerned authorities like the RTO and insurance company. Changes like tampering the colour or engine based modification may result in compliance as per the law. Do not forget to inform these changes to your insurer to avoid rejection of claim applications.

Dont’s about modifying your bike

Hasty decisions: As an enthusiast, you might have a modification idea that might be unique but don’t ignore its feasibility. Do not make rash decisions as these modifications do not come cheap. You need to ask yourself whether the changes will be feasible in the long run and will you be able to maintain it going forward.

Stick to a professional’s expertise: Many enthusiasts are do-it-yourself kind of people. Even if you wish to make the most of your creative ideas, resort to professional expertise as small spares can cost you big. It is advisable if complex modifications are carried out by professionals having prior experience.

Legal complications: When making modifications, beware of the legal intricacies involved with the same. For instance, installing additional headlamps that cause inconvenience to other motorists can end resulting in hefty fines. Further, there is a varied list of permitted modifications that you need to comply with. Take a note of these guidelines and avoid punishments in the form of hefty fines.

These are some do’s and don’ts when modifying your bike. Non-intimation of these changes to the RTO and insurance company can land you in trouble. Also, when you take an effort in customising your bike, do take the extra step in securing it too. Various insurance add-ons can aid you. Making use of a two wheeler insurance premium calculator can help you decide the right policy coverage at an affordable cost.


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