Clean up your wardrobe for keeping new jewellery items. It is indeed true that jewelery pieces are trending things i.e. it loses vogue and charm after a certain time. But, what it doesn’t lose is its worth, especially in the case of gold. If you compare gold with any precious metal or even a gemstone, you will find gold is a better and futuristic kind of investment. 

Also, gold price doesn’t go down even in pandemics, so if you have to sell gold near me, you can choose a trusted gold jewellery buyers in delhi and expect a decent amount on any random day. Here are some tips that will help you get the best price for your items.

Suitable locations– If you are living in Delhi-NCR, you can find the best price for your gold items. You need to understand that the value of gold varies as per the location. If you are sure for safe traveling with your jewellery to Gurgaon, NOIDA, Greater NOIDA, or Faridabad from the nearest local neighborhood, you can be assured of getting more and the best price for your gold item. In Delhi NCR, you can visit any buyer of gold branch to find a decent amount for your old or scrap jewellery. 

Know the Purity of Gold– Gold is the most precious metal and measures in CARATS. we considered the purest gold material followed by 22 Karat and so on. If you have to sell gold near me, you make sure you know the purity of your gold. Remember, any random check may not provide you the righteous value.  Your gold items will be checked through the world-class technology of Germany-KARATMETER. This device is used at leading jewelery stores in India. 

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Sell with a trusted buyer– Finding a trusted and known gold buyer is a must in case of gold selling. We have practices that are completely professional and dedicated to offering the best price for old or scrap gold jewellery. Apart from being the best gold buyer in Delhi, we are also the leader of the concept of cash against gold in India. In fact, we launched this scheme and proud to see that the numbers of gold consumers have been benefitted from our service. 

To sell your gold, you need to carry photo id proof and papers of your gold item. This makes our process easy and also ensures we are into the right deal. 

Apart from purity, the weight of gold is also important– If you have checked the purity, that’s nice. You also need to check its weight as the price will be finalized based on weight too we do check the weight of gold in the initial steps. It would be good if you have papers for proving the details true as that will our job easy. We believe in offering a transparent service as this is why the entire process happens in front of the customer. Making customers happy and satisfied is one of our end goals as this will only help build trust among them.

Festive seasons can get you the best gold appraisal– If festive seasons are around the corner and you want to sell your gold jewellery, this will help you get the best gold appraisal. It has been seen that the price of gold rises during festive seasons and thus you can expect a decent price for your gold jewelery. 

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Even in a pandemic, the price of gold does not go down. If you look at other precious metals or gemstones, they may have gone down during COVID 19, but gold remained constant or higher. This is the beauty and specialty of this commodity.

Helps You Sell Gold Jewellery Easily?

We help you sell your gold jewellery easily in Delhi-NCR, but how. As of today, we have 33 branches across Delhi NCR including Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Indirapuram, Vaishali, NOIDA, Greater NOIDA, East Delhi, South Delhi, West Delhi, and North Delhi. 

Most of our branches are located in Delhi and New Delhi and you are looking for where to sell gold jewellery. We have provided a proper road map to give you convenience in reaching us. We ensure that our customers find the easiest way to reach us either by metro, bus, or personal vehicle.


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