For every person who lives on this planet, there is one thing that is most important. He has money in his pocket and the people who prosper it day by day and those who are not are considered to be failures.

Where do we get this money from? Does it grow on trees? Or is it dug in the ground? I’m sure most of you know the answer very well. Whatever income we get, we have to earn it through our businesses or our services. Everyone in the world goes to work every week to maintain a steady stream of income.

Unfortunately, some of us cannot get a source of income even if we are ready to work. These people are considered unemployed by society. He judges them unfit and avoids them from their inner circle. Do these people have hope? How will they improve their situation when no one helps them?

This is the story of this lot of society who are considered outcasts. These people do not have full-time jobs. They can work but only part-time or as freelancers, so their incomes are also miniscule, barely sufficient to meet all their needs and none of their wants.

Needs of the unemployed

Every human being born in this world is born with certain demands. These needs can only be met with money because every commodity on this earth, be it a glass of water or a pair of shoes, can only be purchased in cash. Someone who has no money cannot even try to appease their needs.

Yet the unemployed feel hungry when they have not eaten food. They are cold when the heat of their house does not work. They get depressed when things don’t work for them, but they can’t ask for professional help because they can’t afford it. Their financial situation will not allow it.

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Unemployed dreams

The unemployed section of society thinks and feels like the rest of us. They also dream of a better and more flourishing future; for their presence cannot be how they live throughout their lives.

When these people walk through a fine bakery, they might want to have a piece of the most decadent croissant. When they see an airplane flying high in the sky, they may also wish to be in one and travel the world to see all of its glory. When their children grow up, they would like them to go to the best university to get their professional degree. They would like all this, and then some, but alas, their bank balance will not allow them.

Barriers for the unemployed

You must have heard that money begets money. This means that if you have money, your chances of growing are the same. Now what if you don’t have it or if you have it, but that’s not enough for you? What are you doing then?

Do you ask people, close friends and family? I’ll tell you a secret about people; they are very inconsistent. If they think you can’t get their money back sooner, they’ll never give it to you. It doesn’t matter to them whether you are their best friend or their closest family.

If it is not your loved ones, then that will give you enough funds so that you can improve your situation. Which institution do you know that will allow you to borrow money? A bank certainly? No, not if you don’t have a full-time job. For a bank, an unemployed person has a bad debt written on his head, this also in bold red alphabets. A bank will only accept to make a financial transaction if it is sure that the returns will be profitable. Otherwise, it will show you the red flag. What is the next option for them?

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Rescuer of the unemployed

Man is a social animal. He cannot survive alone. We all need a business, especially in difficult times. Today, these times only come when a person is hit financially; like the unemployed. How do we get out of these difficult times? Does anyone get to their help?


Who do you think benefits most if every person in the country works full time to achieve maximum efficiency and bring higher productivity wherever they go? It must be a considerable establishment. And what is a more important organization than the government? Thus, the state provides sufficient finance to its unemployed citizens in the form of benefits. It even does it for all seniors in the UK.

However, unemployment benefits are only granted for about six months. I think six months gives us plenty of time to turn the tide on our woes and set sail for the journey of prosperity. A country with a minimum unemployment rate is the fastest growing country, and it is the return that the government will derive from these benefits.


Aside from the government, many direct lenders want to take the risk of investing money in the unemployed. A lender who offers 4 unemployed home loans will become the liberator of these people. I know I used an adjective far too heavy for them, but desperate times demand desperate terms. And who needs a financial savior more desperately than the unemployed. These loans will always be short term, and the good thing about them is that you can use them at home.

In the end, I would like to emphasize again that money is crucial to our existence. Our financial health not only decides the way of life we ​​enjoy, but it is also the determining factor of the level of respect we arouse in society. So, people who are unable to earn a comfortable income in the present, please ask for help to enjoy a future for which you were truly destined.


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