Are you looking for wonderful and precious latest pearl bangles for your wedding day? It might be your ever awaited marriage proposal to your partner. The pearl set of jewellery is one of the best and fantastic choices to make. The pearl bangles are highly authentic and they truly create memories worthy of remembrance. White pearl is a symbol of pure elegant and fantastic collection of beauty, luck and awesome features.

Importance of pearl bangles

In the culture of Indian tradition, bangles are a symbol of energy, prosperity and much good luck. It also includes fertility. The white earl bangles denote dazzling beauty, love and fortune. So the next time when you choose any bangle for your own make sure you understand its importance and then wear it. These latest pearl bangles are great and too good for any special occasions. You can now shop these bangles within affordable and minimum shipping cost along with the original brand price over online collections.

Significant ornaments in the women wear

 You can order a pair of latest collection of pearl bangles from the online gallery of the Krishna Jewelers. Nothing can beat the designs in the market than the ones which are displayed in the jewellery collection.  The prices are all original and the weight is also mentioned along with the pearl bangles. You can stud the pearls on your gold or diamond bangles. It looks great and prosperous indeed. A bangle is one of the most important and significant ornaments in the women wear according to the Indian culture.

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Mark of happy and blissful marriage

For women who are married or who are about to get married, bangles hold a great significance for them. This is a sign of their suhaag. Therefore bangles have always been an inseparable part of the Indian culture and traditional views. So the latest pearl bangles make the bangles a very special part of the Indian culture and mostly in the weddings, or any event and occasion in the upcoming moments.

Part of Indian tradition

In many Indian film and movies you can find songs which indicate bangles as one of their main themes. No wonder folk songs give great resemblances to wearing of bangles in women. The latest pearl bangles are counted as a part of the solah shringar in Indian culture. Krishna Jewelers glorify the same traditional through every single piece of the latest pearlbangles. It is highly mandatory for the newlywed to wear bangles in wish of her husband’s long life and prosperity.


If bangles break, according to Indian tradition it is considered bad luck and somewhat an omen. Thus it is considered an inauspicious symbol in life. Over time, the designs and display of the bangles have become trendier and quite creative with latest designs and studding. People in different places of the world call it by different names notwithstanding any geographical boundaries near and around.


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