Are you looking forward to this coming holiday season, celebrating both Thanksgiving and Christmas? This situation can be especially tricky for you if you are on the NDIS keto meal plan. Surely, the NDIS keto diet plan is extremely amazing; however, more and more people tend to gather together during the festive season. It can be especially hard to stick to one’s keto diet during those times spent with family and friends. This guide could help you to stick to a healthy keto diet with you out on the prowl each festive day or night with friends or family. 

This guide could help you keep your ketone levels in check during these different circumstances:

  • During Happy Hour 

If you are on a keto plan, it doesn’t mean that you cannot occasionally enjoy a drink to help you decompress during the holiday season. The key to choosing drinks is to opt for a low-carb option. At all costs, avoid tonic water and other mixed drinks as they contain a boatload of sugar. Also, be sure to steer clear of beers as they are heavy with gluten content. Gluten could be inflammatory for you and is considered as a higher carb which you are choosing to avoid at all costs. Instead, you could just as easily opt for dry red wines such a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Pinot Noir. You could also opt for keto-friendly clear liquors such as vodka, gin and tequila. 

  • During Brunch

If you are on the NDIS keto meal plan, and your friends are aware of the importance of your food intake, you could try certain keto restaurants in Melbourne. If that is not a feasible option for you, you may opt for keto diet meals such as eggs with bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs and red meat steaks. They act as a great brunch meal. Other really delicious options to consider are stuffed mushrooms, ham and cheese, or low-carb muffins and smoothies. Pancakes made using gluten-free flour are also an extremely great option for brunch. Avoid any high sugar content drinks, instead choose unsweetened teas or rely on water. 

  • During Work Lunches
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Sure nowadays with widespread Coronavirus lunching at work is mostly homemade rather than store-bought food. However, during the holiday season when office staff get together for work lunches and plan out lunch outings together, here’s what you need to make sure to follow your keto diet. You could easily look up the menu online before heading to your lunch outing. Try to make meals around healthy proteins such as eggs, steak, cheese or fish. Adding a variety of veggies to the meal is also a great idea. Try to stay off any starchy food and grains as well. 

  • During Dinner or Holiday Parties

Parties can be a shy place for most people, especially when it comes to eating food. Don’t be afraid; with these tips, you could easily have fun trying out a variety of food options. The first thing to do is get in touch with the host and communicate with them about your food issues. If you’re in a circumstance where you can’t call the host prior to the meet, then you could always eat before the event itself. Have your prescribed NDIS meal and then attend the meeting. If you are offered some food that doesn’t sit well within your keto meal plan, then learn to say ‘NO’ when necessary.


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