Always remember the quality of the gemstones one wears has a major influence on their fortune. Hence, everyone needs to choose the best quality gemstones before starting to use it. Moreover, the weight of the gemstones also plays the most important role along with its quality. Experts recommend the ideal weight of transparent gemstones should be more than two carats, while the opaque ones such as pearl, red pearl and turquoise should weigh between 3 and 10 carats (one carat is equal to 200 mg).

Most of the experts believe in the existence of connection between the body weight of the wearer and the weight of the gem. But, there are no scientific facts based on the belief. Another misconception people have is about the carats. In case of gold, carat is the measure of purity. However, when talking of gemstones, carats refer to the weight of the gemstones and not the purity of the gems.

What are Gemstones?

Gemstones are the name given to a piece of mineral or some special rocks after that has been cut and polished and then crafted into a piece of jewellery or another accessory. Although most of the gemstones are made from minerals such as jet or amber or even from rocks like lapis lazuli. Most of the gemstones found in the market are hard to touch. However, there are even some soft ones, which mostly depends on the piece of jewellery created.

Formation of Gemstones

Even though most of the gems forms below the earth’s surface, yet one can create these individuals stones through several ways. Most of these stones are created when minerals react with water found under the surface of the earth and the minerals gets dissolved. The process allows the minerals to form gemstones such as opals, agates and amethysts, especially when the solution cools down and evaporates.

Certain gemstones such as malachite, azurite or turquoise forms when water blends completely with the rocks, containing high amounts of copper.

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Quality of Gemstones

The quality of a gemstone is decided after analysing the colour, clarity, cutting and the condition in which it was mined. Even regarding this also there are several myths. One of the common myth is that the influence of the gem would wane if the wearer touches a corpse or even someone dies in the family.

The fact is that any of the gemstones can be worn anytime of the day; however, one can take it off just for an hour in a day. A person after wearing any gemstones can practice or lead a normal life. He or she need not stay away from conjugal relationships or stop eating non-vegetarian food. Besides some believe that the power of gemstones decreases due to lightning, eclipse or while they come in the presence of mobile radiations, which is not true.

The spectrum colours present in the sunlight along with the rays of the nine planets influences the power of the gemstones. The wearers can make their diamond or any other gemstone ring ideally with metals such as gold, silver, copper and platinum. One of the most important thing that a wearer should see that there is absence of dirt in the gemstone while wearing it. Besides take proper care of the ring made with the gemstone and ensure that the ring doesn’t get damaged.

For establishing the originality of a gemstone, remember to test it in a government lab. In case of diamond rings, a wearer must wear the ring worn by someone else. This is because the power of the gemstone will never affect the wearer with the passage of time. Many people believe in replacing the gemstone after wearing over time. But, the best news is that there is no need of replacing the gemstone unless it has been damaged.

Wearing Combinations Gemstones

Many people wear different types of gemstones together, where wearers need to be more cautious. Some gemstones such as ruby, yellow sapphire and red pearl belong to friendly planets, and hence a wearer can wear them together. Similarly, friendly planets influence blue sapphire, emerald and diamond, and hence they make a great combination.

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On the other hand, a wearer need to wear stones like garnet stone and cat’s eye separately. This is because one of them belongs to sun’s group while other to the Saturn’s group and hence, they must never form combination. Remember not to combine stones such as ruby and emerald; yellow sapphire and diamond; and pearl and blue sapphire.

For finding any kind of defects in the gemstones, it’s recommended to seek a trained and person or an experienced gemmologist. One can find several varieties of gemstones in the market including synthetic gems, original gemstones dyed in colour, pure gems and even heat-treated gems. Amongst these varieties astrology focuses more on heat-treated gems and pure gems. Along with the nine main gems or navaratnas, the minor gems are also beneficial. By wearing a gemstone a wearer can strengthen the advantages he or she wants to enjoy as per the individual’s horoscope along with keeping away the curses, which might make his life a better one.

Value of Gemstones

Like all other industries, the price of the gemstones are determined and influenced from their demand and supply. One of the most important things for people is that the value and price of the gemstones, but the supply and demand are much in place. This means that the more rare the gemstones are, the higher their prices.

Buying the Best Gemstones

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