Jojoba Oil for skin
Jojoba Oil for skin

Jojoba Oil has many medicinal benefits and it is usually included in many skin care and cosmetic products these days. It is rich in vitamins B, C, E, copper and zinc. Jojoba Oil is slightly different from other natural oils as its texture is more like that of liquid wax. Once used only for treating cuts and bruises, Jojoba Oil for skin benefits today extend to treating acne, pimples, blemishes, sunburn and more. The other Jojoba Oil benefits include preventing baldness, treating chapped lips, repelling mosquitoes and treating Alzheimer’s disease to some extent. It can be used on any skin type and can be easily found almost everywhere. Interestingly so, it can easily become your winter skin care choice for this year if you haven’t used it already.

Why Jojoba Oil for Skin?

  1. Jojoba Oil is rich in iodine which helps in curing acne, pimples and blemishes. Its regular application as an oil mask twice a week can work wonders in reducing these ailments.

  2. Jojoba Oil for skin easily replaces micellar water for removing makeup. It has deep cleansing properties that can even remove the tough mascara stains. You can also clean up your makeup brushes with the oil.

  3. You can mix Jojoba Oil with Aloe Vera Gel and turn it into an effective moisturizer for your face. Its long lasting properties allow its effects to last longer, for more than 24 hours. Apply it both during the day and night.

  4. Jojoba Oil benefits also include trapping water in the skin. Especially during the winters, this can easily keep your skin hydrated for longer durations. The natural dryness that sets in with the winters can, thus, get powerfully countered with Jojoba Oil.

  5. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe the infected areas and free you from irritations. Jojoba Oil powerfully heals burns and wounds.

  6. You can treat your dry and chapped lips by mixing jojoba oil for skin with some brown sugar. Use a little amount of this mixture everyday as a lip scrub and remove all the dead cells from your lips’ surface.

  7. Indus Valley Jojoba Oil is also harmless if accidentally ingested. So you need not worry if it gets into your eyes. The oil also doesn’t cause rashes on the skin. You can massage your body with the oil after mixing it with any good carrier oil, or simply with water. Massage your body with the oil before taking a bath to feel calm and relaxed through the day.

  8. Also, it’s very useful in nourishing the skin, body and mind if applied during pregnancy and lactation. Its highly nutritive composition makes it absolutely safe for these delicate body conditions.

  9. Apart from the Jojoba Oil benefits for skin, its antifungal properties can deeply nourish your hair and remove dandruff.
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How to use Jojoba Oil for skin – Face Mask

The best way to derive Jojoba Oil benefits is by using it as a face mask, especially during the winters. You can also use it as a rejuvenating bath oil. Jojoba Oil face masks are very easy to make and very pocket friendly vis-a-vis the other essential oils.

  1. Put 7 mashed strawberries in a bowl, and then mix it up with 3 tbsp Jojoba Oil.
  2. Add some honey and 1tbsp lemon juice.
  3. Mix them all together and dab the mixture on your face and neck area.
  4. Let it rest for 15 mins, then wash with ordinary water.

You can apply the face mask thrice a week and keep winter dryness at bay. It can also deeply moisturize and remove all dirt and impurities from your face, balance excess oil production in your skin, and serve as a quick remedy for your acne and pimples as well.


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