Everybody knows that exercise is among the best things you can do for your health. But most people today ignore one crucial part of it: resistance training. According to national researchers, just 6% of adults do the suggested minimum amount of two muscle-strengthening workouts each week. Neglecting resistance training — some other sort of workout that builds muscle and strength — is a major mistake. You don’t need to lift like a bodybuilder (or look like one) to take advantage of resistance training. And it is never too late to begin. Here is everything you will need to learn about resistance training, together with some easy, expert-approved workouts you can do in the gym or at home with minimal equipment.

Build Your muscles to have a longer life

The muscle begins to deteriorate when we reach our 30s. After age 40, we lose on average 8% of our muscle mass every decade, and this phenomenon continues to accelerate at an even faster rate after age 60. Studies indicate that this reduction of muscle accelerates the onset of ailments, limits mobility, and is linked to premature death. Another detrimental consequence is the effect this has on your bones. The exact elements which help you keep muscle are the exact elements that keep your bones strong and dense. So as you get rid of muscle with age — a procedure called sarcopenia — your bones become fragile, a procedure called osteopenia, said Dr. Wayne Westcott, a professor of exercise science at Quincy College in Massachusetts.

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Heres what the research say

In 2014, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles medical school found something striking.They tracked about 4,000 healthy adults over age 55 for at least a decade and noticed that their muscle mass was closely linked to their lifespans. The researchers did this by zeroing in on every individual’s”muscle indicator” — your muscle mass divided by your height squared. Those who had been in the group with the maximum muscle indicator had the lowest mortality, while those who had the lowest muscle index had the highest mortality rates. This relationship remained after the scientists accounted for conventional markers of disease, and it revealed that muscle indicator was an even better predictor of premature mortality compared to obesity. The researchers found that being physically active and having”good muscle power” in middle age were among the most powerful predictors of a longer lifespan. Through time, numerous other studies also have shed light on why resistance training could be so beneficial.

How to stay motivated ?

  1. Follow a mentor – Having a role model or a mentor who has achieved great viscinities inn body building could help you to stay in track on your muscle building journey.
  2. Read short strength quotes – Find some appealing quotes just to make yourself remind about the journey and it’s ultimate outcomes.
  3. Find a gym partner – Having a true partner would help you in finding the motivation that you lose everyday to reach back to the gym.
  4. Stay in touch with updates from youtube influencers
  5. Have SMART Goals


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