You may have heard of Azure, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft cloud, or even as it was previously called Windows Azure.

The growing demand for cloud computing has led large players to provide us with this service, in 2019 Microsoft introduced, but only in 2020 launches Windows Azure, which in 2020 changes to Microsoft Azure.

Azure is an ever-growing set of cloud services that help businesses meet their cloud demands. You have complete freedom to create, manage and deploy applications, available in colocation in the United Kingdom worldwide, available in regions where no other player on the market is yet. This reduces costs, the complexity of the global infrastructure and meets data storage needs.

Is it only possible to run Microsoft services on Azure?

No, Microsoft offers native support for Open Source software, such as Linux, FreeBSD and other services of your choice, be it a full operating system or even applications via Saabs, Dads or AI as solutions.

Microsoft azure economy 1024 × 576 – What is Microsoft Azure and who should use it?

When I use Azure, do I save money?

Certainly! With the single use payment model, you start without initial investment, you only pay for what you use, with flexible amounts for any cloud scenario, you also have tools that allow the management of all investments and forecasts . One of the examples that we can mention is, when using virtual machines, if your business does not run outside of experience, you can shut down your servers, thereby saving with the investment in processing and memory, where you only pay for storage, significantly reducing investment in the cloud, this is just one of the features that only cloud computing allows, unlike data center companies, which offer simpler features and less flexible, such as colocation servers in the UK.

Microsoft Azure security

Security is expected for any cloud provider, Azure has a proactive approach to compliance and a higher level of privacy, led by Microsoft guarantees with clear and consistent requirements.

Microsoft Azure is known around the world, offers many benefits to cloud computing, ensuring agility, management, economy and is very efficient when you need resources, optimizes its processes and facilitates rapid and scalable deployments.

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If you are not already using cloud computing, Microsoft Azure is a great option to bring this technology into your business, no matter the size of your business or your demand, the cloud is the best option when you need security, scalability and availability.

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Best WordPress Hosting Review

Choosing cheap email hosting is very important and it will directly affect the health of your website and your business.

But how do you know which WordPress hosting is right for you? There are different hosting environments with different custom features for different types of businesses.

Whichever hosting you choose, keep in mind the 5 most important factors of WordPress hosting:

1. Price – will determine how much you can pay for accommodation;

2. Features – special needs for your WordPress site;

3. Speed ​​- also called “loading time”;

4. Uptime – time that the accommodation remains online, must be at least 99.9%;

5. Customer support – fast and specialized WordPress service.

Best WordPress hosting resources

WordPress hosting should be delivered differently from the most common hosting, such as shared hosting, which is well known. They must have special features and must host WordPress.

These features are essential to the life of your WordPress site and the future you plan for it. Remember that the accommodation is like a house, if it contains leaks and other problems, you will not have a good stay there (just like your website).

You should consider the same for your website, it needs ideal hosting to meet your needs and therefore requires different types of resources which may vary depending on each project.

So it’s wise to say that no hosting will fit all projects perfectly, so you need to have an idea of ​​what you plan for your website before renting hosting for your WordPress.

Types of hosting servers

WordPress hosting Types of server plans Hosting

It is important to know that there are several types of servers (Plans) offered by the hosts.

Among the best known, WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting (Shared in English), Virtual Private Server (VPS in English), Dedicated Server (Dedicated in English), Cloud Hosting (Cloud in English).

Choosing a mail365 hosting company is not enough, you must also choose the ideal plan for your needs. It is very important to know how far you want to go with your website and which hosting plan can provide what you need.

Another very important point is the possibility of being able to update your hosting plan without difficulty. Each host that we recommend offers this type of upgrade without any problem for the user.

WordPress hosting server

WordPress server hosting WordPress hosting is specially optimized for the WordPress platform. It has unique features in its hosting environment that make WordPress faster, safer and easier to manage.

WordPress hosting is a little more expensive than well-known shared hosting because it has powerful features and is generally dedicated only to this platform.

It also usually has limits that allow other users not to exceed the resources of the server, which often happens in shared hosting.


Some of the differential features you will see in WordPress hosting are SSD storage, your own server cache, integration with CDN companies like Cloud Flare, high security against DDoS attacks, daily automatic backups and / or recovery of your website in 1 click.

And, of course, specialized WordPress support that can help you with most WordPress-related issues and problems.

Shared hosting server

Personal Email Hosting ServerShared hosting is by far the most popular type of hosting used by beginners. It is the cheapest and frankly the best start for beginners and future internet users.

Shared hosting is where you share a large server with multiple websites. With multiple websites on their servers, hosting companies can offer a much more affordable service.

We recommend that you use shared hosting for static sites with little dynamic content (publications) that is changed on a short frequency. And yet, you should avoid hiring shared hosting if possible.

Shared hosting is the best option for small blogs and small businesses.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting server

VPS hosting server Virtual private servers (VPS) refer to a virtual machine. It is a method of partitioning a physical server into multiple servers based on individual needs.

Even if you share the server with others, it gives you control of the server as if it were a dedicated server. It also has the privacy of a separate physical computer and can be configured to run specific programs on the server.

Often, developers, middle users, medium online stores, and midsize blogs use VPS to scale their sites.

If you have no technical knowledge (or someone who has it), you need to make sure that you are going to rent managed VPS hosting. This means that the hosting server manages all system updates and is available to assist you if necessary.

WordPress VPS hosting is the best option for medium businesses, high traffic blogs and aspiring designers / developers.

Dedicated hosting server

Dedicated hosting server The dedicated server is a physical server that you can rent from a hosting provider. It allows you to have full control over the server, including its operating system, hardware, capacity, etc. You do NOT NEED a dedicated server if you are just starting out.

Once your website receives significant traffic (100,000+ / month), you should start considering switching to a dedicated server (depending on your website type and the resources it needs).

If you do not employ a system administrator or have no experience with servers, we recommend that you choose a dedicated managed server.

WordPress hosts that offer managed dedicated servers have a 24/7 administrator to take care of the servers.

In addition to updating their programs, they also monitor, support by phone, etc. Most dedicated servers use groups of servers.

WordPress hosting on a dedicated server is suitable for very high traffic blogs and large companies.


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