Torrent sites are a boon for the whole human race. Learn to watch (and read, listen to and use) content for free, otherwise you would have to pay a huge price for it – now it’s exciting. However, due to the problems of hacking and illegal sites, they are most often deleted from time to time. Although they sometimes bounce, this time is enough to free mirror sites. This makes users confused between the plethora of sites that are on the Internet.

Top 7 unblocked torrent sites

With the sites that are seen around, it might be difficult to choose one of them, depending on its performance, user interface and the quality of the content it offers. Below, therefore, are the top 7 sites that are not only easy to use and user-friendly, but they also provide rich, quality and relevant content.

The Pirate Bay:

Even though nobody knows the torrents so well, they have heard of The Pirate Bay at least once in their lives. He was in fact ranked third in the world ranking, with the first two places occupied by 1337x and If you are looking for the best unblocked torrent movie sites, The Pirate Bay should be your first choice. The popularity has always dropped it many times, but the downtime is pretty low which is to the benefit of the users.It provides everything you can look for, and that too in premium quality.


RARBG ensures that high quality torrents are provided to its users, and without too much hassle for it. It’s actually banned in many countries, but using a VPN will give you a free pass. From now on, that is to say the year 2020, the site is in fact not blocked, and since it is in fact better to obtain new content, you will see its library regularly stored with new additions as soon as they are officially released worldwide

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1337x. is actually a great one, but it’s not a site like YifyTorrents or The Pirate Bay; it is, in fact, a search engine. And an excellent one at that. It is a powerful torrent tracker and yet its simple and organized interface hides its power. 1337x is in fact so powerful – and more than frequently used – that Google finds it threatening and hides the site from its search results. So if you want to watch free live sports online, you know where to find it.


TorLock is a subtle combination of high quality torrents and an ethereal user experience. Although he has popular torrents in his store, he is most used to download anime and e-books – both are available in large quantities and in good quality as well. The torrents of music are also good here, and the site is also used to download them. The overall TorLock experience is second to none, even if they are used to download and consume only two or three types of content off the Internet.


Although Torrentz2 remains one of the unblocked sites for this year, it is very popular for the music it has in its library, despite the fact that it contains all types of content. It is not only a user-friendly site, but also a more efficient search engine than most others, displaying results in less time than expected. Although it is actually created by its parent website (Torrentz.EU), Torrentz2 can safely be considered more popular than its parent.


Zooqle is a widely used torrent website, with its own huge and diverse library. It contains more than thousands of recorded movies and is classified there for the convenience of the user. The website has been reworked to make it as safe as possible, and to date it has accumulated a huge number of users, who are seen exploiting over 3.5 million verified torrents. Not only does it have an abundance of entertainment content, but also software, all of high quality and in great demand.

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Last but not least, LimeTorrents is also a good enough site, in addition to being one of the best non-blocked torrent sites. The quality it offers – for content – is second to none, as is its excellent download speed. While the site is known to have been dismantled sometimes in the past, it has always gone up, and as for this year 2020, it is still unlocked. It is so famous that alternative sites were created in his absence.

The sites have been the subject of extensive research and have been found to be in working order, until last month. The torrent may be illegal, these sites offer the least danger from this act. Users are used to torrents anyway, so providing this best torrent site is the way for them.


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