Gardens are a great escape from your house by being in your house. Gardens are a place where one can be very far away from the home while being in the premise of the house. Gardens can be changed depending upon the season outside, the same garden can flourish in the bright yellows of the springs and the very same place can be turned quaint and peaceful in purples during the rainy season. They take you away from the monotony of the 4 walls of your house, so in case you are planning to make a garden, or change the theme of it then you can buy garden benches for sale available online and use various garden trends. Here are the Top 5 Garden Trends to Follow.

  1. Low Maintenance Gardens:

In case you don’t want to spend much on your garden over the year then low maintenance gardens are the most suitable for you. Use perennial plants, which come over a year. You can group these plants together based upon their water needs, and set up a small irrigation system that flows out water timely and precisely. The plants require very less care and hence you can save both on your time and money and at the same time have a very impressive garden.

  • Make your garden your vacation spot:

The mood of the garden can be changed with the change in the seasons over the year. You can have the perennial plants in the backdrop of the garden, and then use the other part of the garden to be filled with seasonal flowers and plants. Install a weatherproof music system in your garden and play music as per your moods. Have a fireplace at one corner so you can have a garden where you can have the fun of the seasonal plants, music and fire for warmth at the same time.

  • A private place:
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The garden can be used to make a private place for your own self. Pick a corner of the garden and construct a small sitting place enough for two or a maximum of three people. Include in this place or around this place a small water feature for soothing effects, surround the place with lush plants to make it feel secluded, use narrow plants to create a boundary and use a neutral palette for colouring the walls for the place.

  • A grand Entry:

You can also turn your garden into a great entrance to your house. Use scented plants at the entrance of your garden, and add some soothing lighting to the garden. The lights will serve the purpose of navigation at night and at the same time will add the dramatic effect of being in a beautiful garden. On the front door of your house plant colourful flowers that complement the colour of your door or the wall around it. In this way, you can convert your garden into a great entry.

  • Add Furniture that stands out:

Another way in which you can design your garden to look ravishing and beautiful is by installing furniture that stands out. Use contrasting colours of furniture, add hardwood garden benches in the garden at appropriate places, so that people can sit back and gaze upon the wonderful scenery of the garden.

So here are the Top 5 Garden Trends to follow, to make your garden look beautiful all the time. These trends make the people get a welcoming vibe while they enter your house, and also create a joyous aura around your house. Gardens can be a great getaway for people, maintaining the garden and then enjoying its beauty is a pleasant experience in itself that every person should experience.


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