Italian food is one of the most assorted cuisines in Italy. It is also known as the home of the most amazing and delicious food which introduced pizzas, pasta and spaghetti. Italian cooking majorly involves cheese in exquisite cuisines. Cheese is lightly sprinkled or used heavy-handedly in almost every Italian dish.

It’s really hard to think about a time before burrata. Nearly all the dishes nowadays on the exquisite menus contains burrata. Whether its pizza or salad, a peach or pistachios, burrata is complementing with each one of them.

Burrata cheese is considered as one of the best Italian cheese. Burrata is originated from an Italian word burro, which means butter due to the richness contained in it. “Burrata” means “Butter” made from mozzarella and cream which was invented a century ago.  At first sight, it may look like a fresh ball of mozzarella but when it’s sliced, the creamy goodness inside spills out. The outer soft, smooth and fresh shell is mozzarella consisting of a buttery creamy centre organically made of cow’s milk with no artificial preservatives. Additionally, it’s a gluten-free product. Hence, best for your health.

How Burrata Looks Like

Burrata looks like a stuffed pouch smooth solid containing white creamy cheese. The structure of the pouch is delicate while giving a fresh and moist appearance. Its weight is approximately 500g to 100g.

Burrata Vs Mozzarella

People usually get confused in comparing burrata with mozzarella as they are basically two types of semi-soft Italian cheese and are almost same in taste, but as far as it comes to the texture, burrata is looser, creamier, richer and full-fat ricotta cheese made from cow or buffalo’s milk. Whereas mozzarella contains fewer fats and is filled with soft, stringy curd and is solid hard in texture.

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Burrata is recommended to use freshly or on the same day after cutting otherwise, it will become sour and smells like old milk. On the other hand, you can store mozzarella up as long as you can up to its expiry.

Benefits Of Burrata

  • Burrata is beneficial for the keto diet as it contains fewer fats and has low crabs.
  • Burrata is a rich source of protein, calcium, potassium and contain a high content of phosphorus.
  • It’s enriched with vitamin A, D, E and K.

Severing Burrata

Burrata makes the dishes look more luxurious with its milky flavour and versatile semi-soft cheesy texture.

On an Italian pizza, it looks perfect on top while adding the richness of flavours. While talking about the salads, paninis and pasta – it makes all these dishes look moth watering and tempting. Moreover, burrata is severed with olive oil and crusty bread, Scrumptious, isn’t it?  It is preferred to use burrata fresh and at room temperature.

How To Find Burrata

Burrata cheese refers to the rich and exotic flavour of Italian cuisine and is slightly expensive than other types of cheese. There are more than several chains of Italian cuisine across the globe severing burrata cheese cooked or in a pasteurized form and are easily available at local or online stores like Burrata house, which is known as the true taste of Italian cuisine by making the authentic Italian recipe of burrata. They are also providing online shopping and deliveries all over the USA.

Severing the premium quality of salads, paninis, and pasta originated recipes from Italy, from ordering tempting food to buy raw burrata and other high-quality cheese, burrata will help you in each and every way. Now it’s easy to buy online cheese like shopping for other groceries.

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How To Store Burrata 

For best taste and results it’s preferred to use burrata in a  fresh form within an hour it’s made, but it can be stored up to 5 days in an airtight container covered with water in the refrigerator.

Up till now, we have told you everything we could about Burrata. Now it is your turn! Try it, and tell us if you loved it like us or not. We would love to hear from you!


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