Jewelry styles are so windy by nature that they come and go anytime but people always come out openly to accept and enjoy it, exactly like they do with the winds. The current jewelry trend is quite elegant and it feels like we’ve known it since school.

“Geometric shape jewelry” is the current jewelry trend going around in the fashion industry. People are seen buying and upgrading their jewelry closet with geometric jewelry. Just like geometric trends had entered housewares and accessories in the market, it has entered the jewelry shops too. 

Although geometry never seemed to be a subject of high interest in the school times now almost every person in the fashion industry seems to be taking this trend more seriously than ever!

Here are some things to know about the geometric shape jewelry trend:

1. They’re quite basic:

They’re simple, affordable and they go with everything. There are a variety of choices between different shapes in studs and hoops. 

2. These are perfect for office wear:

Women often have a problem in choosing jewelry which they can wear on a daily basis but most of them are quite heavy and flashy which doesn’t seem to be suitable to be worn daily. That is why geometric shape jewelry fits in here, it has a very subtle look and is not at all flashy. They’re quite suitable and go with almost every type of attire. Moreover, they don’t get stuck in your cloth or hair like other pieces of jewelry. These styles look tidy and chic with any clothing. 

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Yet another benefit of this type of jewelry is that it goes with all the hairstyles especially the office one’s up-do types. 

3. Several size options available:

The geometric shape jewelry is available in different sizes and shapes. Some are small in size whereas the other ones are quite big in size like the hoops can go with dresses. 

4. Choose from a variety of shapes:

Geometric jewelry shapes include circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, and many more shapes. The variety of options will never give you a boring look. 

Types of designs in geometric shape jewelry:

–  Shape in shape:

If you’re planning to get that bold statement look, try the shape in shape jewelry. These are the earrings with one shape inside the other to make a bold statement inside others to show off for this jewelry.

– Geometric glam:

Geometric glam is one of its kind, they have their own glam side. 

– Big-headed hoops:

Since beaded bags are still in fashion it is quite obvious that it made its way to the accessories line too. 

– Flora vibes:

The recent designs have been more about florals, pearls, and even seashells. 

– Tassels:

Tassels also seem to be making a comeback, and this year is no exception. These earrings are the ideal way to add some texture to your look and, based on your style, there are plenty of choices. Throw on a vibrant pair to brighten up your wardrobe if you feel particularly playful, or keep it more relaxed with a neutral choice that will make a more noticeable statement.


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