Dogs are the best companion one can have; they are loyal, friendly, a great company, and excellent listeners. That is the reason why everyone wants to get their dogs with them wherever they go. Even when you do not have a company to hang out with, you have your dog. Having your chilled beer with your pet sitting in harmony at your feet, is anything better? But what is that place in Tampa, which is perfect for you and your dog to chill together? Thankfully, there are some of the best bars ideals for your dogs. Here you can find the best dog bars in Tampa where you can spend this weekend with your beloved dogs.

No wonder that dogs are man’s best friend, and you want to involve your dog in your weekend plans. Take your furry friend to the pleasant parks, fun bars, and dog-friendly restaurants. Here is everything you will need to explore some of the best places for your dogs in Tampa. 

  • Franklin Mayor

Are you looking for a perfect Saturday night? Your pet by your side and a delicious drink in your hand paired up with loud music, is this what you are searching for? Franklin Mayor, situated in downtown Tampa, is popular for its specialty drinks, outdoor patio, live music, and hip atmosphere. It is the hub of the Bay area’s hip spots to bring your dog for a walk and enjoy the service of Franklin Mayor. 

  • Gaspar’sGaspar’s Grotto

Gaspar’sGaspar’s Grotto is the perfect outdoor place to take your dog to enjoy some drinks, food, and a fun environment. It is one of the popular hubs to take out dogs. Situated in Ybor City, this patio-centric water hole welcomes your dogs pleasantly. If you want to take your dog to a refreshing dog-friendly restaurant in Tampa, this is the place for you. 

  • Sail Pavilion
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There is nothing better than Sail Pavilion when in a mood to sit under the open sky to enjoy Tampa’s evening lights along the riverside. When the evening sun is setting down, Sail Pavilion close to Tampa riverwalk is the ideal spot to wind down after a long walk with your furry friend. Your pet will love this place because it offers free treats, cleanup stations, and water bowls for dogs. It’sIt’s like taking your dog to a dog park in Tampa with complimentary food and music. 

  • Tampa Bay Brewing Company

Take a break from your busy schedule and relax in the courtyard of Tampa Bay Brewing Company. The place offers a mega drink for you and a complimentary water bowl for your little buddy. Their award-winning drinks are something not to miss. Some of their must-try drinks include Boys and Berry Muff-n, Double Coast Lager with Lime, Slaughtermelon, and many more. It can’t get any better when you have these award-winning drinks on the menu and your best friend with paws by your side. It’s one of the best dog bars, Tampa, that you can find. 

  • Abercrombie Park 

This beautiful park in the city is the place for a perfect day out with your dog. If you want to witness a day from sunrise to sunset, this park welcomes you wholeheartedly with your pet. Just take care of the cleanliness and keep your dog’s leash no longer than 6 feet. This dog park in Tampa is what your dog will love if it is fond of open areas and sunlight.

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If you are done playing with your dog indoors, have some quality with your pet at one of these dog bars, Tampa. Have delicious meals with your friends while your dog enjoys your company at these bars. 


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