We all have our days when we don’t feel like cooking after working for strenuous hours in the office. We crave to be welcomed with a warm, home-cooked meal as soon as we enter our home. But due to the advancement and work requirements, we tend to live in different cities away from home and most of the time alone. Preparing food sometimes gets quite hectic when you have busy schedules, because of these burdensome lifestyles, we tend to forget to concentrate on our health, we eat unhealthily, sleep at odd hours and stay stressed all the time. But with the advancement in technology, food delivery and availability have transformed with time.

All thanks to these food delivery companies and platforms, we can now fulfill all our craving at any time we want! Now we can indulge in our favorite scoop of ice-cream from the comfort of our bed, in our cozy pajamas. The online food delivery platform is another huge billion-dollar industry, working day and night to deliver the delicious meal everywhere!

What are the benefits of Online Food Delivery Platforms?

Long gone are the days when we used to struggle with our grandmother’s recipe and burnt it again for the millionth time. Now, you may again give that recipe a try, burn it, and order the same user from Foodpanda, using Foodpanda coupons and avail exciting offers, and enjoy the aroma of a warm bowl of happiness without any hassle.

In this era of revolutionized technology, everything can happen with just a force of a single tap. The days have gone when we struggled to make Biryani that turned out to be Chicken Pulao. Now with just one click, you can order a whole-hearty 3-course meal and enjoy with your favorite beverage binge-watching that same old Friends episode.

The food industry is transforming with every passing technology and accepting every change in the best possible way.  With platforms like Foddpanda, you can now enjoy a good bowl of dal khichdi on your office desk, when you need that warm, delicious food in between those hectic meetings.

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Why have people started ordering food online?

Not every hero wears a cape, some get your pizza and ring your doorbell. But why is everyone suddenly renovating their lifestyle and accepts these new norms? Let’s find out!


Now, imagine you have all the dishes for the party but it’s still missing a good warm bowl of tasty Gulab Jamuns! Who is going to struggle in preparing then when the guests are going to arrive in an hour! Why worry when you can order-in! Your Gulab Jamuns are going to arrive a lot sooner than your guests. Due to this extreme availability, we now have started depending on our food delivery application a lot more than ever.


According to the lifestyle that any youngster is living these days, laziness has made the first priority for the betterment in any technology. Food Delivery platforms are one of those inventions that came out of laziness. It is the convenience of the availability and cost that makes us order food and not cook at home. And even if we cook at home, there’s always someone who wants something else other than what is being cooked, hence the food delivery. Now say no to the vegies what your maid cooked and indulge in a good plate full of chicken biryani, because you deserve it.

Real-Time Tracking

With such drastic change in terms of technology, many platforms have also incorporated the new and trending GPS tracking devices to track your delivery man and eagerly wait for his or her arrival to eat that delicious food! This benefit gives an extra advantage to the food delivery companies as well as the customers ordering food from them. Both can track their delivery man and monitor that location, time and various other factors to provide the best results.

Best Customer Satisfaction

Who doesn’t like to stay home in your most comfortable self and ambiance? It can be blamed on the laziness or just tiredness that it does get a bit hectic to cook food or dress up and go out in an eatery. Everyone prefers to sit at home, relaxed and enjoy their food. Most of the customers, who regularly order food from these online food delivery platforms, are highly satisfied and that is the major reason, they choose to order regularly.

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Discounts and Offers

Who does not like to save a little extra, even if we are buying cheap. Discounts and deals are the most exciting offers that bring a smile to any person. Ordering food feels like a daily task now it does cheer up a person if he or she is able to save some chunk of money even when they eat. We all have a habit of either eating out or getting foods delivered and always worry about the way we spend money. Now, because of the amazing deals and offers like Foodpanda coupons, we feel a bit relaxed to save the minimum we even while buying food. And who do not want to pay less, I think no one.

Precise Delivery

As discussed earlier, mostly, all the industries are trying to accept the drastic changes happening around in terms of technology and lifestyle. These food delivery platforms have started utilizing the benefits of GPS Trackers and location detection and making sure to deliver the food, piping hot, within the required time and at the right place. They have amazingly efficient tracking and delivery systems that make sure their delivery agents understand the exact location, where to deliver.


To conclude, it has been witnessed from time to time that we tend to accept and adapt to the changes happening in our surroundings. Technology has redefined the way any human being used to live. We have literally transformed the lifestyle from the kitchen to the living room, making sure everyone has their part of fun, no matter what! So what are you waiting for? Pick your phone, swipe those restaurants, order that pizza, binge watch that movie and relax!


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