Today’s young blood is tech-savvy. They are the generation that grew up among smart gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Teenagers are obsessed with social media.They want to have more followers on Instagram and try to find ways to get more retweets. This is is the new normal these days. Technology has engulfed all of our free time. Now if anyone has free time there is more chance of spending that watchinga movie on Netflix or playing any online game with the gang. One can also watch a television series in a single row. This is the latest and modern way of free-time activities. Meeting with friends or have a family get together or any outdoor sports activities are getting seldom day by day.  Everyone has got their smart device like a smartphone,tablet, or laptop and is thus busy living in the digital world. This virtual world is the new escape or kind of new reality and apparently, there is no going back.

So what are the outcomes.? Obviously excessive usage of everything is bad and the same is the case with smart device usage. With the internet and all the wild information it has,anyone can have any kind of information just by clickinga few clicks while sitting on their couch. Thus now instead of crying over split milk, there is only one way to avoid the drastic side effects. One of them is having a monitoring software. A spy app can keep a strict eye on the target person’s smart device usage for you. So make a monitoring app like the OgyMogy your secret spy guard and keep an eye on your teenager’s browsing history.You can even use it at your workplace to track any employee who wastes time in useless browsing or online shopping etc.

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Keep The Chrome Browser Under the Radar:

OgyMogy offers a chrome screen recorder that gives remote access to the chrome activities of the target person to the user. Thus the user can check all the browsing activities of the target person. Thus keep an eye on the installed chrome browser of your teenager and know what are they searching for on the internet.You can also use this feature to check if any employee is using the official device for any personal use.

Spy On all The Visited Sites:

OgyMogy allows the user to know about all the visited sites.Thus the user can remotely visit all the websites visited by the target person. So know about your teenager interest and hobbies with chrome screen recorder of the OgyMogy spy app.Make sure they are not into any anxiety or stress triggering material or any suicidal content. If your teenager is suffering from any mental illness or depression then the chrome screen recorder is a must as it can help you keep an eye on their internet search bar.

How It All Works:

The chrome screen recording feature of the OgyMogy records all the screen activities of the target person for the user. The main benefit of this feature is that it records all the information with accurate timestamp information. Moreover, all the recording of the chrome browser activity is stored on the web portal of the OgyMogy spy app.Thus the user can remotely access all the information whenever he/she wants.This is very helpful for all the working parents that are busy with their jobs and do not monitor the teenager’s activities in real-time.Thus OgyMogy records every move for them and they can check it when they have free time and take action.

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OgyMogy spy app offers features in the form of a bundle. Users can select the bundle of their choice that contains most of their desired features. Other features include call recording, SMS tracking, social media monitoring (Instagram screen recorder, Youtube screen recorder, Facebook screen recorder,Whatsap spy app,Line screen recorder, etc), location tracking, web-filtering, and many more. OgyMogy offers Mac and Windows spy app version for laptop and tablet monitoring and a separate android spy app version for smartphone monitoring. So just select the package,install OgyMogy by following simple steps and track all the browsing history with the chrome screen recorder of the OgyMogy.


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