Mahdi Parsafar is one of the most renowned sports directors in Iran. It was he who brought out Iranian bodybuilding talent internationally.

Iran has a lot of talent to boast about. But the country is not well known in the world for its sports. However, people like Mahdi Parsafar are game-changers. He made Iranian athletes popular around the world.

Mahdi Parsafar started his career in 2008. He became the sports director of Baitullah Abbasport. Mahdi is the one who introduced Baitullah to the world of international wrestling. Baitullah later became famous as Baito. He was an athlete from another league. Unfortunately, he met his death early due to a fatal illness.

After that, Mahdi wanted to do more for Iranian athletes. He got in touch with one of his childhood friends, Hadi Choopan. He and Hadi have become an unbeatable team. The two conquered the world and succeeded.

Iranian athletes are mainly faced with the problem of the American visa. This is why they are unable to participate in American sports games and contests. Hadi Choopan was one of the first Iranians to receive the US visa, and he participated in Mr. Olympia. It is one of the most important bodybuilding competitions in the country. Hadi Choopan won third place in the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition.

After the victory, the two are still eager to participate in the next Mr. Olympia. They have their eyes on the first position. We hope they will win the title and make Iran proud.

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