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When we think of weddings, we think of Las Vegas. We also think of the grand wedding that we are going to have in Las Vegas. For those who are unaware, Las Vegas is known as the Marriage Capital of the World. Every day, more than thousands of couples get married there and live happily ever after.

While Hollywood movies and shows have an idea about how Las Vegas weddings are and aroused our fascination towards it, have you ever thought why Las Vegas had been the most sought-after destination for weddings?

Reasons To Get Married In Las Vegas 

  1. Have A Luxury Marriage Within A Budget

If you are keen on having a luxury destination wedding within an affordable budget, then pack your bags for Las Vegas. With a beautiful landscape, it is the cheapest way to have a luxury wedding. On average, couples spend about $500-$600on for their weddings in Las Vegas, which is less expensive than any other place.  

  1. It’s A Vacation

It not only can serve as your wedding destination but can also serve as a vacation for your friends and family. Those family members who accompany the couple to Las Vegas enjoy a complete holiday feel rather than just one day of the marriage ceremony. Many couples prefer to have a Las Vegas Wedding because they can also have their bachelor’s and bachelorette parties therein.  

  1. The Venue Does Planning.

We all know how expensive and tiring it can be to have a wedding planner. Finding a good wedding planner is also a cumbersome process and can often burn a hole in the pocket. However, in Vegas, wedding planners’ concept is not very popular since the wedding venue staff are quite efficient to plan and manage the entire wedding ceremony. They do so with utmost dedication and love so that you have a memorable one.  

  1. Packages
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Since weddings in Las Vegas is the talk of the town, and you have so many couples flocking there every year to get married, you will come across so many Las Vegas Wedding Packages. From traditional weddings to themed weddings, you will find all sorts of packages which are quite affordable. They also provide customized packages; hence you can ask them to add whatever you want.

  1. Marriage License

It is easier to get a marriage license in Las Vegas compared to other regions. Moreover, Las Vegas Marriage License Bureau is open 365 days, including holidays from 8 in the morning to midnight. The couple only has to show up and collect the marriage license. Quite an unbelievable fact, but securing a marriage license in Las Vegas doesn’t take more than 15-20 minutes.


While there are many more reasons why Las Vegas is the perfect choice for your wedding, these are the top reasons that should pull you to get yourself married in Vegas. So, it’s time you pick up a Las Vegas Wedding Package and fly to Vegas with your fiancé, friends, and family and have a memorable and beautiful wedding! 


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