Fashion in general and women’s fashion in particular, is a continuously evolving process. Every day newer trends and fads appear in the market. Some of them are short-lasting and quickly replaced, while others become a long-lasting part of a woman’s wardrobe. One of the trends which look like it is here to stay in the Bralette. It is rapidly growing in popularity, which has contributed too many major lingerie brands focusing heavily on this apparel trend, both in terms of designs as well as variety. From fixed-sized options in its early days to be able to customize and buy a bralette based on your cup size, the bralette has come a long way. Let us have a detailed look at its journey from a fashion fad to a wardrobe staple. 

What exactly is a Bralette?

Bralettes is lie somewhere between a bra and an apparel choice in its own right. It is a bra that provides more coverage in simpler terms while being lightweight and devoid of the usual underwire. Due to its extra coverage, a Bralette can be worn on its own, combined with a jacket or shirt, or even under a lacy top. They can come in fancy designs and a variety of colors depending on whether they are meant to be worn on their own or combined with other apparel. They are usually made from lightweight and stretchable material, making them much more comfortable to wear than a regular bra. 

Buying bralettes

Bralettes, like other lingerie, can be bought both through retail chains as well as through online portals. Most major lingerie companies include bralettes in their retail stores, and all the major lingerie websites have a wide variety of bralettes for you to choose from. The online portals typically have a larger variety for you to choose from and often lower prices. On the other hand, retail outlets allow you to get a better hands-on feel of the bralette’s fabric, size, and fit.

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Bralettes vs. bras

One of the most commonly asked questions from buyers is whether they need to wear a bra under a bralette, wear a bra, and wear a Bralette. The answers to most of these questions lie in personal preference. Bras typically provide better shaping and contour for breasts and can act as a boost-up option if you’re going with a push-up bra or a padded bra. Bralettes typically do not provide such features. They instead act as a comfortable, stretchable apparel option that provides greater coverage and the ability to stand out as an apparel choice on its own. 

So, if one wants, one can wear a bra under a Bralette to get a better chest shape and contour while enjoying the moderate coverage and outdoorsy nature. They can also go with a bralette Singapore without a bra, as a standalone apparel choice, or as a substitute for a bra. The choice is really up to you. 


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