In this COVID-19 pandemic, we have been seeing countless industries be severely impacted by this virus. Amidst the nation-wide shutdown in the US, many people are losing their jobs and experiencing much slower business. One industry that many aren’t talking about is the music industry, and how it’s impacting artists around the world.

New York rapper Anthony Kannon is one of many who has experienced major changes because of the quarantine. Anthony was just starting out his first major tour with seven shows up and down 6 states on the east coast. Not only did Anthony’s tour have to be postponed to an undetermined date, but he also lost out on an important career experience and any revenue the tour would have generated for him.

Anthony says he will miss out on a total of over $10,000 in performance opportunities. Numbers like that can be very important to a young artist. Anthony states that he’s struggling to come to terms with the loss, but understands that there are many more artists like him struggling . He hopes that artists can come together and find a good way to be “just as effective and visible to the world during this pandemic”.

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