Lilla returns with the studio version of “Love You Twice”, a song that is already a highlight of her live shows and a fan favorite.

Written only by Lilla, ‘Love You Twice’ reveals the power of her world-class vocal talent. It is perfectly balanced, extremely powerful and expressive beyond its years. It is the voice of someone who feels and wants to say every word she sings. The production, courtesy of MyRiot (London Grammar, Halsey) allows Lilla to shine the space, with subtle instrumentation amplifying the emotional resonance of the song.

Lyrically, “Love You Twice” reflects a romance that could have been much more. But if there is a burning desire to recover what has been lost, it also expresses the strength to accept that there is no turning back.

“I wrote this song in my room on my guitar about a year ago. Love You Twice is having a second chance with someone and trying to find the common ground on which you build that relationship. I put it in my live at the end of last year and it always had a great reaction, so I’m really excited to share the studio version with everyone, ”says Lilla.

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