Graduates nowadays are looking out to start on their own rather than joining a company for a job. If you are one of those graduates, then this article might be helpful to you in deciding on what to do next.

Here is a curated list of 15 things you can try out if you don’t want a job after graduation,

1. Blogging– Looking to earn online through Blogging. Check out this guide on how to start a blog and start earning money.

2. A small gift store  – Starting your own gift store can be one of the best small business ideas today as there is a great demand for buying wedding gifts birthday gifts etc –

3. Interior planner– Today everyone wants to get their dream old so interior designing is on high demand if you have creative skills

4. Wedding planner – The wedding is the most special event for everyone’s life so getting the perfect match is very important being a matchmaker you can feel proud knowing that you can bring happiness to one’s life

5. Coaching classes –  are you confident as a good teacher then it’s time to start your own coaching class

6. Data entry services – it’s a big opportunity to start your business with data entry services and easy to do business with high earnings

7. Freelance photography –  at any event photography is the only way to captivate the sweet moment’s freelancers are on high demand and it can be a golden opportunity for you

8. A travel agency – who doesn’t love to travel a travel agency would be a killer idea if you are confident enough to organize tours officially

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9. Social media consultation – As a consultant, you can assist organizations with deciding the best strategies, posting timetables, and content for your customers’ intended interest groups. If their follower counts grow, your business will also grow.

10. Pet sitting and walking – This expects practically no expert information or gear, while grooming & training will be cost-intensive. Go to your local dog park or Pet- grooming center to find clients and identify customer needs.

11. Become an MC – You can anchor at events and parties. There are bunches of individuals who are in this line of business and are doing really well.

12. Gardening – if you have a green thumb then, this might be your calling. People wouldn’t see any problems with paying you to assist them with keeping their homes and gardens lovely.

13. Buy and sell stuff online – Purchasing and selling on the web has gotten one of the enormous cash workers in the computerized age. The test comes in offering something exceptional or which stands apart from other item contributions in the commercial center.

14. Game tester – PC lovers who utilize the Internet for research, messaging, and playing web-based games may discover tremendous intrigue in partaking in effective testing of new games and giving input on the games.

15. Start a Resume Writing Service – In the event that you are awesome with words and data introduction, you can assist individuals with composing their resume in manners that would pull in bosses and get paid for it.

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In this world, these small things can help you turn in a huge profit. So, the best thing to do before starting is to make sure it is something you are familiar with. If you are not familiar with it, you can always research it and familiarise it with the given resources on the internet.


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