Everybody is going through the online strategy and the admission, classes, as well as everything connected into the online world. Even now the fun fact is that PTA meeting will be all turns in to the online session. Do you think, it will be fruitful for bringing the attention of best guidance that a teacher can deliver to their student parent? Online education is good while we think from one end, but that may not be good while we consider its demerits.

Consider the admission for the Ekajalakam Registration 2020 will be a turning point for the students of Kerala. The SSLC exam after the plus one registration is really and completely set online. During the previous years, students have a counselling session and all before the same. Well, this time, the situation is completely turned online without any kind of counselling session of Kerala students. Each year, tons and millions are stepping away from the schools and entering to the colleges. The entrance exam, public exam and many things he/she needs to face at the best. Now, each student is at the thought of how online education will become in their lives.

Online education and the student’s future

As everybody says, the future of a candidate or the student who living in India is based on the 10th class marks. However, as we grow up, there were plus one, plus two, college education and many more to face for the student. However, after the SSLC Result, there comes the allotment process and thereafter comes up plus one result to face. The corresponding examination will not be ending and every academic year, the same follows.

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Sometimes, once in your life, you might have thought, when these classes going to get over. Or even you might have thought when this kind of examination will be made online or get stopped. However, now each and every individual who is bringing a position in their career through education will be in thought of getting ready to find their positions in their schools and colleges. Most of them are hating these online classes and improper guidance and for many without an internet connection. Moreover, for many, this making a non-sense move by the government of India – those family is illiterate.

The future of business can predict with online activity – but still, there is no measuring device for online classes for students. The attitude, the skills of each student will be different and the guidance from home they receive. Moreover, the right education with the support of the teacher through direct education will be worthier enough with online education. So, we want to wait how this will become the future of education and how the students face their future.

Conclusion –

We are the next generation of our future and we should focus on the right track to prevail each situation. Face the problems like a pro and solve it like an expert should be our oath, exactly as like we appear for the public examination in our life.


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