If you’re planning for a casual dinner or a surprise lunch these ideas will help you to make it special in its own way. You’ll have your guests appreciating the ambience, decorations above all, your effort for it. You will have that instagram photo ready decorated table for your guests to flaunt the beautiful evening they’re invited to. 

However there are plenty of ideas to set up a great decorated table for any occasion, we have mentioned some of the selected ones as follows: 

  • Tropical touch:

With a tropical table arrangement, give your table an island look and feel. 

Build a tropical centrepiece grouped with exotic fruits such as pineapple, banana, coconut and mango, with orchids, bromeliads or paradise birds. 

Filling glass vases or bowls with citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes, is another choice. Using whole slices of fruit and circular ones. Surround the containers with blossoms of silk hibiscus. 

Add artificial greenery such as palm leaves, fern or calla lily leaves,  or fern.

  • Color Theme Setting Table: 

Creating an elegant and appealing table arrangement that is color-coordinated.Choose colours keeping in mind about contrast. It is suggested to choose black as it makes a good background colour. When paired with lighter colours such as gold, yellow, red, or orange, other dark colours may perform well.

  • Asian type:

It’s time to give this decoration an authentic asian vibe. To start, fill a glass vase with water and get some polished rocks and some pieces of bamboo. In addition to the same, add some cherry blossom branches in an oriental style vase. Don’t forget to place placemats with bamboo in each setting. 

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Go for oriental dinnerware, such as a rice bowl, soup bowl, appetiser plate and dinner plate. Set out a tea set and a sake set.

  • Candlescape Setting Table: 

To build a beautiful table with an amazing candle display, match the look with colours and materials. If you want to set up a shimmering candlelight table, get glass candle holders, jars, oil lamps and hurricane shades. Fill a glass bowl with beads of glass and put several round candles in it.

Let the natural feel take over the ambience, to do so add candle holders. Go for  tree branches or logs, pine cones, and a variety of things like vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks. Using black glass beads to fill the wine glasses . Add a few other more small votives and tea lights all over the table in black, burgundy and dark purple colours.

  • Forever Classic:

Stylish elements stand against a bright blue tablecloth, such as silver plates meant for salads. Let the formality of the setup be highlighted by written menus (Try to write in cursive or calligraphy handwriting), place pastel coloured cards along with Swarovski card holder.

Bring in the romantic vibe!: 

With only a few interior decorations, create a cozy environment for the lovely two. 

To begin with in a vase, put several red roses. Then surround the vase with red colour candles. Try to go for a scented one with a decent fragrance. After that,place a red wine bottle or small ice bucket nearby with champagne or wine. Scatter around the table with rose petals. To complete this, add Swarovski napkin rings

  • Pumpkin Vase Decoration:
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Reusing at it’s best! Take those pumpkins that are left over from Halloween and get them to your table vases. Order some of the ceramic pumpkin planters from Terrain so that they can be used year after year.

Also, empty out a fresh pumpkin and use a tub of plastic food as a lining for a floral arrangement to retain water. 

  • Let the drama set in:

To have that drama effect at first get a purple table runner. Then get candles along with black candle holders for a table environment that brings the drama. She wanted to sew her own out of a long piece of fabric to save some cash on the table runner. Colored glassware sold at thrift shops is another cheap trick to bring in. The light that shines through the glass makes the whole table feel more vivid.

  • Neutral vibe:

Indeed a welcoming atmosphere is created by wooden serving pieces, organic stoneware pots, and earthy orange glassware that will inspire visitors to feel the vibe. To enhance the comfortable vibe, go for silver napkin rings and knot your linens instead.


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