Rent people via live streaming and pay them per minute!

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – New York, May 28, 2020 ( – With the global coronavirus pandemic that is radically changing the way we can socialize, the Surro Live Streaming app offers a live streaming experience 1 : 1 unique place where you can be someone else, instantly travel to another country and spark conversations with new people!

If you live in the United States and want to visit Europe … use the Surro!

If you live in Hong Kong and want to see the Grand Canyon … use the Surro!

If you live in India and want to talk to someone in the Alps, use… the Surro!

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Make the most of the opportunity to “travel” by simply broadcasting the whole world live from your sofa! In addition, you can make the experience even richer by using VR tools!

Your imagination is the only limit!

Do you want to become a Surro? Surros are active users of social media living in big cities around the world, who like to communicate with people to chat and have fun!

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There are countless places around the world that are worth seeing. With the Surro live broadcast app, viewers can see a foreign city like a local!

How the Surro live streaming app is different

Many applications do not support a transparent connection between the streamer and the client. If there are many viewers, individual viewers must send a chat message to communicate. But the Surro Live Streaming app is just the opposite. Surro is a dual reality app that lets you be in 2 places at once! tv streaming app

The Surro Live Streaming app offers a unique 1: 1 experience in which viewers control what they see in the live stream. The viewer tells the streamer where to go, pan right, pan left – whatever the viewer wants!

The idea behind the Surro live streaming app

Jacek Ryszka is the creator of The Surro Live Streaming App. “I was in the construction industry,” he says, “and I had to get a video of a building we had worked on 100 miles away. Instead of wasting all of this travel time, I wanted to be able to find someone who lived near the site who could broadcast it live for me. “

Jacek says, “I thought there was probably an app for that. I could tell the person what type of video I needed. But I couldn’t find it, so I just created it. “

The Surro live broadcast app allowed Jacek to get a video of the work in progress every day, so he could focus on other business priorities. It was then that he knew that the Surro Live Streaming app could work for business, online education, a number of everyday tasks, and just for socializing and having fun!

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How to use the Surro live streaming app

Android users: download the SURRO app on your Android phone from the Google Play Store.

IOS and virtual reality users: go to in your browser.

Create an account / login. Find a Surro in the location of your choice, add credits to your wallet and click on the blue camera icon to connect.


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