As one of the largest video streaming service sites in the world, the popularity of YouTube with the public is now increasingly known and widely used.

Filled with a variety of interesting content ranging from games, vlogs to pranks, YouTube has become the platform that many people choose to search for entertainment.

In addition to this content, many YouTubers are now starting to create other interesting content, such as burgeoning social experiences.

Not only does it have an interesting concept, the video content of social experimentation also often touches the hearts of the public you know, the gangs.

The most interesting social experience YouTube channel
In parallel with the development of the time, research is now carried out not only by researchers but also by creators through video content which they call social experimentation.

The forms of social experiences they carry out are also quite diverse, ranging from those which raise questions of religion, social status to racism. Well, for those looking for social experience videos, here are a few YouTube channels that provide interesting social experience content, gangs.

  1. Jubilee

Trying to make a movement for change for the good of humans through their videos, Jubilee’s
channel is filled with a variety of videos that are full of the sense of goodness in it, the gang.

This channel focuses more content on a person’s point of view on certain things in a unique way, like games.

Jubilee is also classified as often downloading videos related to dating content like the Tinder app, this is done directly.

Listed since 2010, this channel has even reached a number of subscribers who are not small, more than 3 million you know, gangs.

chain has even reached a number of subscribers who are not small, representing over 3 million you know, gangs.

  1. Riceman
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Guided by a YouTuber who looks like an Asian, Riceman’s YouTube channel aims to spread goodness. It gives others a view of the other side of the world that they may never have seen before.

On this channel you can find tons of videos with the concept of very interesting social experiences to watch, gangs.

In addition, this Riceman channel also offers a lot of prank video content and other fun videos that are no less interesting, you know.

With a variety of interesting content, the Riceman channel has managed to get more than 1.2 million subscribers since its creation in 2006.

  1. Do you want to react?

To a lot of content of social experimentation which touches the heart of the public, the chain Would you like to react? it causes people to react when they see certain events around them.

The channel from Belgium raised interesting themes in the creation of content from social experiences such as religion, humanity and others.
The videos were created in order to give examples of positive behaviors for better environment, gangs.

With a variety of interesting content, the channel would you like to respond? already has a subscriber number of more than 800 thousand.

  1. DuoHK

Joined in 2015, the DuoHK channel offers a variety of video content from interesting social experiences that are full of positive messages, the gang.

The channel, directed by two men named Habib Ahmed and Kawasar Rahman, also often makes videos of social experiences involving the homeless.

In addition to the social experience content, the DuoHK channel also occasionally downloads prank videos that are no less interesting, you know, gang.

The DuoHK channel alone has more than 700,000 subscribers.

  1. MoeAndEthan
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MoeAndEthan is a channel owned by the brothers named Ethan Bradberry and Moe Bradberry which offers a lot of content from social experiences.

Not only content from social experiences, this channel also often downloads prank videos from those who are no less interesting to the fans, the gang.

Created since 2014, this MoeAndEthan channel has already reached more than 2 million subscribers.


Through his YouTube channel named JAYKEEOUT X VWVB, a Korean YouTuber named Jay who lives in Canada offers a lot of interesting gang content.

One of the things that caught the attention of subscribers was the video content of social experiences involving many people around him.

This channel is also suitable for those of you who are learning English, gangs, because the video content it creates often raises knowledge about learning English.

In addition to its interesting content, the beautiful face of Jay does not rarely fascinate women.
The proof, this channel has had more than 800 thousand subscribers since its creation in 2015, you know.

  1. ComedyHeaven

As the name suggests, the ComedyHeaven channel offers a variety of interesting content that is suitable for those of you looking for entertainment, gangs.

This channel also offers many video content of social experiences that invite viewers to laugh.

In addition, the ComedyHeaven channel also often downloads no less exciting and fun prank videos for fans.

Since its creation in 2013, this channel has been able to reach more than 400,000 subscribers.

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The last word

Well, these are YouTube channels that offer a variety of interesting social experience video content that you have to watch, gang.


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