Money Heist Part 4 is what keeps us all busy these days. The whole world is excited and busy watching the most anticipated season of the year, the fourth part of our favorite Spanish series, La Casa De Papel. As expected, its fifth season will be released by 2021.

Unfortunately, what we are afraid to miss in part five is Nairobi. You must all have watched Money Heist Part 4, and be aware of the unexpected turning point that leads to the execution of Nairobi. So what we’re all speculating at the moment is the return of Nairobi to the fifth season.

Speaking of part four, no doubt, it was full of twists and turns. Again, retaining his legacy, he left us a cliff path to follow in the next section.

Now, about the fifth part and the return from Nairobi, we can expect it to appear on our screens in memorable scenes. Just like Berlin, Moscow and Oslo visited us via memory scenes, we can expect Nairobi to be part of Money Heist Part 5 in the same way.

However, one thing is clear: Alba Flores who played the character of Nairobi in Money Heist is done with this spectacular Spanish series.

Stay with us if you want to know more about Money Heist!

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