If you are an ordinary prankster who likes pranks in particular, then you are in luck as we have found the best prank call apps you will need.

With hundreds of different prank apps available for download, it can be time consuming and tedious to try to select the best ones.

Below are our 3 main essentials for the application of prank calls, let’s get started!

Fake call

Fake call apps have really taken off as a convenient way to prank friends and family with its unique incoming call feature.

It has a variety of uses, but its most common use occurs in social situations, i.e. a boring party or a date when a false incoming call can let a person go easily while giving an excuse. valid.

Fake Call is presented as a fake caller application, but it has the particularity of also having a bogus SMS function, it is certainly not the norm with similar applications.

Its fake SMS functionality allows you to personalize an SMS and sends you the SMS at any time when you decide on its name, number and content.

Fake text messages can also be saved, which means you can use the same contact to send messages to yourself multiple times, saved contacts also apply to SMS and incoming callers.

If you prefer longer and more elaborate pranks, that is, lying to your parents that you have a love for the long term, you can use the same false contact.

Fake Call also has an option to include pre-recordings during phone calls which can be customized; Listening to a pre-recording ensures that conversations seem more natural and fluid, as it feels like you’re talking to someone on the line.

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All fake calls and SMS are then recorded in your call history, where you can consult them at any time for reference.

Additional Features

• The application is fully optimized to run smoothly

• The false call screen will correspond to the brand of your phone, namely Samsung UI, Sony, HTC, etc.

• Caller ringtones and photos can be optimized

Ownage Pranks

If you like the hilarious prank calling the YouTube channel known as Ownage Pranks, you’re going to love their app even more!

The Ownage Pranks app is certainly one of the best pre-scripted wacky calling apps of its generation, as its pre-recordings are second to none offering innovative prank script creativity and superb voice play.

All you have to do is browse through their huge selection of prank scripts which are divided into different subtitles such as Dating & Love, Work, Top-Performing, Neighbors, Featured and many more.

After choosing, select the contact you want to prank and call him, pre-registrations are automated at the start of a phone call. They are also surprisingly convincing because they can adapt to real-time dialogue by responding to the best moments during a call.

Since stuffing scripts are added regularly, let’s take a look at some more recent pre-registration examples:

“Number left for the waitress”: a restaurant employee claims that your supposedly interested victim left his phone number on a receipt. She then refused to go out with him because of her low-paid tips.

“Angry Convenience Store Owner”: Sam, from the community market store, accuses your victim of stealing candy from his store and requests $ 500 in damages.

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RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

A great voice-changing app can really elevate the fun of pranks because not only can you transform your voice into several hilarious sound effects, but you will also have complete anonymity.

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro is an outstanding product that offers a wide selection of voice options, with 32 different voice styles available, it is among the largest among its competitors today.

Although you initially only get ten free votes, with in-app purchases, you can unlock the rest. In terms of design, RoboVox has a cool technological look and its simple user interface makes it very easy to use.

Its voice recording function is a simple concept but allows a high degree of personalization of your voice. Not only can you transform your voice into different available effects, namely Robot, Tincan, Ghoul, etc., but you can go further and modify its pitch and modulation parameters.

RoboVox features:

• 32 styles of voice such as Chipmunk, Helium voice, Exorcist, Cylon, Dalek, HAL, Prophet and many others.

• Voice recordings can be used as a ringtone

• Three main modes: real time, parrot and recording


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