In recent years, website design has gained popularity. This is because websites these days do not only seek to communicate their content to users, but to actually engage with users on a more personal level. This can only be done through a properly designed website. To create a user-friendly interface, website designers turn to trends such as animation, aesthetic gradations and even use audio to make the website much more responsive.

Latest trends in web design

Web design trends are constantly evolving. In 2020 we will see some fascinating trends. Most of them will be the continuation of the successful trends of the past two years; however, many will be new, adding a new perspective. The most popular web design trends are described below.

• Dark mode: Dark mode dominates various applications and web designers are embracing it as a potential trend. A dark background allows the content to be displayed in bright colors, giving a rather interesting aesthetic to the overall design. A website that has a dark interface can have colorful and even neon accents to complement this. The font used can be bold and awesome, depending on the content of the website. This will also allow the content to be readable on the dark background.

• Illustrations: Illustrations have become a huge trend in website design. They add a touch of originality to the website and enhance the look. The illustrations used are generally line drawings or sketches. The best thing about the illustrations is that they can be edited to add to a minimalist or maximalist frame, without appearing to be non-authentic or strange. Web designers who add artwork also opt for digital artwork that adds depth to the design and creates a very healthy interface.

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• Minimalism: minimalist designs will probably never age. While many misunderstand the trend and consider it boring, minimalism actually provides a very satisfying visual experience. It also combines classic and elegant to create a clean but attractive space where web content can be displayed. This year, minimalism has been combined with additional white space. A white background or an asymmetrical white box will allow the title or other images to stand out, without hurting the design of the site.

• Break typography rules: web designers look for odd spacing, line breaks, and even different fonts to make a website more interesting. As long as the content can be easily understood, some elements can be changed. A header can easily move over a website image if it doesn’t affect readability or if a color gradient can be created with overlapping layers. In 2020, web designers are trying to see typography as an art form that can be transformed to make a website look modern and exciting.

Essential technologies and skills required for web design

As a web designer, you should know how to use a wide range of design tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Visual Studio Code and various other software applications for illustration or digital text editing. For those who wish to incorporate gradients, digital art and graphics or animations must also be competent in graphic design. Graphic design will help you create websites that aim to provide a more visual experience instead of just being text-based.

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Users want accessible and engaging websites. Responsive design allows you to create a web page that can automatically adjust its own size depending on the device from which it is viewed. With user experience in mind, UI UX design is also another ability that a web designer must have. You can easily follow a UI UX tutorial to learn more. Understanding what users want and how to make a website’s interface more user-friendly is a skill required for user interface design.

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There are also certain technologies and soft skills that are essential for website design. A web designer should be able to use HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery. General skills include search engine optimization (SEO) and social media trends to understand what type of websites people will like to see. You can opt for a web design course to gain knowledge on all the essential web design skills.

Career in web design in the future

A career in web design has many opportunities for advancement. Statistics suggest that website design as a career may increase by almost 30% over the next four years. Therefore, if you aspire to be a web designer, you should definitely go for it. There are many online tutorials that will help you learn the web user interface design and gain all the skills you need. A career in web design will allow you to focus your creativity and imagination in a very constructive and rather rewarding field.


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