The Best Social Media Apps That You Need To Download Today

Millions of people are now using social media apps to connect with other people online. Social media continually shows us the life changing events of some of an individual’s professional and personal lives. No one expected these apps to ever appear so that we can better interact and socialize with other people personally or professionally, and we can quickly access their information.

Now you can access everything via mobile, because we live in a world where almost everything is just a click away. People are constantly attached to their gadgets or devices, such as businessmen, students, entrepreneurs, etc. They share photos or videos, files and information that is useful to them. So, here are the best social media apps you need to download right now.


A newbie might ask, what is Snapchat? It is a popular app for private messaging that lets you share short live videos and photos with the element of fun attached to it. Snapchat works differently from other social media apps. It features a transient messaging type which means that once you view a message or a snapshot, it will be gone forever.

What people are interested in is that it’s only for messaging or photo sharing. This app can also be used for marketing your business and even if you are not using it for marketing. You can also download this app to stay up to date with what’s going on in other people’s lives and what’s new in the market, and how others are using Snapchat for their business. With millions of daily active users, Snapchat could be the future of social media.

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Whatsapp is a messaging app and has many users compared to Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram combined. Its purpose is not only to send texts, but you can also update status, share location, videos, photos, and make video and voice calls using internet. You can download this application on your smartphone and also access it on the computer.

You can say that Whatsapp is a lifeline because you stay connected with your family and friends even if you are outside of your country. Many people also use this app for business and marketing purposes. And many entrepreneurs use it for their business.


Tumblr is a popular and well-known blogging platform app. Similar to Pinterest and Instagram, this app is heavily content-dominated for visuals like photos, videos, GIFs, and animations. It allows users to share articles and blogs in formats like dialogs, text and audio with content that makes your free time more interesting and enjoyable.

Facebook Messenger

A lot of people didn’t like it when Facebook introduced another messaging app, but later it was adopted by people’s grace. Facebook Messenger has millions of active users and is always increasing over time.

This app allows users to make video and voice calls over the internet, and it can also send chat animations and texts. Facebook offers many options to the business sector and helps it to grow further, and it is imperative to use Facebook Messenger to resolve customer complaints.

To take away

While a lot of mobile apps are launched, social media apps are what people download and use more every day. You can use social media apps in a number of useful ways, such as for business, daily transactions, communication, study, information sharing, and much more. These apps can make our lives more accessible and much easier to live with. And this is the reason why we should take advantage of it.


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