When using payroll and back up QuickBooks Desktop. so one such error that affects all of these strengths is called error 248. QuickBooks. In case you just made a mistake during the backup, QuickBooks has found problems currently with registering your business, but don’t worry! Because QuickBooks pro-advisor helps you provide the best service. By which you can solve most of the problems by rebuilding your company record (File / Utilities / Restore data). If you need to start handling such an error, continue with the step-by-step layout of this article at this point for a quick fix.

Resolving QuickBooks Backup Error 248

Method 1: Run QuickBooks Restore Data Utility.

  • Open the QuickBooks desktop and under the document tab, select using.
  • Click to restore the data and continue the brief to save a backup of the organizational document.
  • Wait until QuickBooks finishes the backup.
  • Click OK, when the message appears, the restoration is complete.

Method 2: Run the QuickBooks Data utility and verify them.

  • Go to the File tab of the utility and select Check Data.
  • Click OK if you receive the message “QuickBooks has not detected any problems with your data”.
  • If at random the data verification instrument identifies problems with the registration of your organization, at this point click on restore now. and click Close.

Note: If you run the QuickBooks restore data tool, you get an error message “Type: check, paycheck: Txn # 30159 on 06/15/2019, doc #: ‘8000 ′, PO #: “, Last modified by”, source, account: <bank name>, $: – 200.20, name: <name> “At this point, you must physically modify the organizational document to determine the error.

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Correction of the QuickBooks 248 error during the execution of the pay:

QuickBooks error 248 appears during payroll processing due to an employee’s overpayment and social security overpayment. To determine the error, you must modify the excessive charge by erasing the paycheck. Read the instructions below to correct the problem.

Method 1: Create an additional item to pay the payment.

  • Open QuickBooks and explore the List segment.
  • Select the Pay List item and the Pay Item drop-down list, then New Report.
  • Choose the choice of custom installation and press Next.
  • Enter the name of the item.
  • Currently choose the appropriate record to attach the problem.
  • To choose the type of tax tracking, choose None and press Next twice.
  • Click No and after Next.
  • Enter the amount that is in excess and after clicking on Finish.

In case you are not yet ready to determine the error after following the survey steps referenced in this article, at this point you may need the help of a QuickBooks expert. You can call the QuickBooks support number to connect with one of our insured QuickBooks specialists for quick assistance in resolving Error 248 from QuickBooks Office.


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