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Palletising systems build mixed SKU pallets, rainbow, SKU pure, trolleys, and roll cage. While Depalletising systems individual cases or remove layers from containers of different sizes.

What are the possible benefits of Palletising/Depalletising Systems?

  • Choices are available for partial/full automation
  • Errorless and precise sequencing of cases on the pallet
  • Supports in reducing labor cost in warehouse
  • High pallet density is available for lower transportation costs.

And much more

With time statutory regulations regarding picking work stations are becoming more stringent day by day. Therefore an increased demand for robot supported solutions has increased in the market.

Palletising/Depalletising for fully automated Warehouse Robotics Companies Alberta system represent economically advantageous solutions for implementing automatic process chain, at the same time make sure consistent performance irrespective to the external pressure. With this advance system you will be benefitted from the constant performance and coordinated components. From conveyor systems to load carrier and fully automated warehouses you will get economical intralogical solutions from single source. The automatic Palletising/Depalletising is highly dynamic, functional safe regardless to the weight or size of the product or environmental conditions.

These systems perform the operation of receiving goods and feeding them into mini-load AS/RSs or prepare them for distribution from mini-load AS/RSs, exchanging human labour with either an automated or robotic system. These systems can both increase efficiency and reduce errors of material handling operations.

Amongst automated Palletising/Depalletising solutions there are both conventional mechanised equipment and robots. Conventional equipment has a speed advantage, but is less flexible and only capable of operating with one pallet pattern and packaging type at a time, with costly reengineering every time either of these changes. Robots can be reprogrammed and reconfigured, and are versatile with different kinds of packaging. Palletising/Depalletising robots combine PLC software with robotic arms to go from single-crate units to pallets or vice-versa. The robots consist of a robot controller and engine that drive an arm operating on 2, 4 or 6 axes, capable of lifting anything from 40kg to 1,300kg. At the end of the arm there is a gripper that, combined with machine vision, identifies picks and places the box according to the pre-programmed pattern. The robot is computer operated and any necessary configurations to the programming are facilitated through the use of Human Machine Interface (HMI) devices allowing operators to implement changes on the spot.

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The implementation of these technologies can reduce labour costs, both by removing manual labour altogether and by reducing physical strain on the workforce and increasing throughput. Low maintenance requirements and reduced downtime, are other associated advantages, with best-in-class robots achieving a mean time before failure (MTBF) of as much as 80,000 hours. The robot arms can operate on a layer, row or single-crate basis depending on the packaging shape and form of goods, while the PLC software communicates with WMS to arrange the order in which boxes are loaded/unloaded to both optimise the further handling of the goods and maximise the stability of the pallet. The robots will be placed along a conveyor typically linked to the front and/or back end of an AS/RS.

Robotic technology is the main element of automatic Palletising/Depalletising system. In this system robots are used to layered Depalletising, aside from that combination of three proven technology i.e., vacuum chamber, vacuum multi grip and mechanical clamping guarantees that the Depalletising process functional reliably and dynamically while handling the product gently. Besides, they are also utilized for Palletising mixed pallets when supplying branches.

Palletising/Depalletising is lifting on and off packets on the pallet. In a warehouse there are wide range of products that is very much in use when palletizing such as suction cups, ergonomic handling systems or large area vacuum gripper systems in combination with vacuum pumps.

Automation of Palletising/Depalletising process is sometimes considered optional or not possible due to flexibility or space reasons. In such situations operations are carried out manually which cause repetitive strain injuries which increase risk in the process. Therefore, there are some Robots For Warehouse Automation Online automation service providers that offer flexible lifting and ergonomic lifting solutions for Palletising/Depalletising which not only reduce strain but also enhance overall productivity. Robotic and conventional palletisers and depalletisers have become an integral part of the modern distribution, fulfilment and manufacturing operations. Manufacturers can easily rely on the end of the line Palletising/Depalletising system to built stable pallet and adapt ever changing packaging trends.


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