In Buenaventura there is an almost entirely Shiite Muslim community that also has two special characteristics: it is the oldest registered in Colombia, in 1974, under the name of “Islamic Community of Colombia”, and is made up of converted Afro-Colombians. The beginnings of this community date back to the 1960s, when the influence of the North American Nation Of Islam movement reached the port through American ship workers. However, towards the 1980s there was a change of orientation, and thanks to the support provided by Iran, some of its members studied in the city of Qom, which attracted the community towards Shi’ism.

We introduce online Quran classes for you in which you’ll learn the Quran.

Other groups of Muslims exist in almost all the important cities of the country, although in most of their cases their number is smaller and their recent formation. Thus, there are Muslim organizations in Medellín, Pasto, Bucaramanga, Cali, Armenia, Villavicencio, and San Andrés, where there is another mosque smaller than that of Maicao.

Qur’anic Arabic is literary Arabic as practiced in the sacred and liturgical texts of Islam. Thus, learning Quranic Arabic allows access to all Muslim spirituality and forms the recitation of the Koran for better Islamic training.

The reasons for learning the Quran are multiple, and it is not only reserved for religious people:

  • discover the Arabic language and culture
  • understand Arab civilization through History
  • draw inspiration from a rich multi-secular cultural heritage
  • read and understand the Holy Quran, called “Book of God”
  • confirm religious faith
  • discover Islam, its precepts and dogmas
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Do you want to discover the Muslim religion? Benefit from an Islamic education

Understand and learn the Quranic language, practiced by the community of believers, in order to objectify their conception of society?

 The purpose of the Quran online academy is to understand the holy text of the Qur’an. It is therefore advisable to first learn literary Arabic in order to read the Quran.

You have to know that the verses of the Koran are applied by Muslims, while 80% of Muslims are not Arabs: Persians, Indonesians, Turks, Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis.

In order to be able to read and understand the Quran, start by learning to read the Arabic alphabet. There are 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet, and each one has four forms according to its place in the sentence: isolated, initial, middle, final.


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