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The Pearson Test for English or the PTE Academic attracts millions of aspirants every year looking for migration, visa, admission, job, education and so much more. Some aspirants appear every year with fresh hope to clear the test but seem to make the same errors again and again and failing the test eventually. 

The PTE Academic is not a very difficult test to crack. But only if the aspirants are attentive and consciously practice avoiding certain mistakes that affect their test scores drastically. So, it is essential to follow these best practices during PTE Exam Preparation, so that it becomes a natural instinct to detect and rectify mistakes during the real PTE test. 

PTE Exam

5 Best Practices during PTE Exam Preparation to Eliminate Mistakes and Score Higher

  • Understanding the Online AI Scoring Process

Unlike other English proficiency exams, PTE Academic is evaluated by an online AI scoring program. Thus, if you can produce the result that is programmed into the scoring Bot as correct, you can score full marks for that question. 

Remember, Bot evaluation is different than human evaluation. The AI program will not judge your answer, the humanity behind your idea and it will also not deduce your artistic skills. So, don’t waste time to impress an AI Bot. They are fed with the right and wrong answers. Just learn the strategies well & implement them. 

  • Speak In Your Accent

Native English speakers have an accent which is quite different from non-native English speakers. Don’t try to fake that accent. The AI Bot will confuse your words and penalize your overall score. 

  • Learn Healthy Time Management Skills
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If you have gone through the PTE marking pattern during PTE Exam Preparation, you will realize that though the PTE questions are divided into specific modules, the evaluation pattern is not restricted to any one section. For example, even when you are answering a question in the Reading section, the marks are given evaluating your writing ability, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, clarity and more. 

Moreover, there are questions which fetch 1 mark while there are questions which fetch 50. Thus, aspirants should practice effective time management skills to know which questions to attend first and the questions that deserve little or no time. 

  • Write Meaningful Words. Don’t Blabber to Meet the Word Count

Aspirants tend to overstress when they have to write summaries, essays, filling in the right words and tend to use complex and unnecessary sentences which render the sentence meaningless. So, always watch your words. Keep them simple, understandable and interpretable. 

The best way is to follow templates for such questions. The words you choose should be ranked higher in vocabulary & the writing must be clear, crisp and to the point. One mistake can make the AI scoring program crazy enough to penalize you.

  • Understand and Practice PTE Strategies

PTE exam preparation is all about learning the basic strategy of scoring points. Aspirants should understand that their assessor is a programmed computer robot. So, it is easy yet equally difficult to score the full marks for a question. 

While practicing candidates should learn the use of ready-made templates that are strategically built and designed to save your time and reduce subsequent errors. 

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PTE Exam Preparation plan from a reputed website is an additional asset to score higher in the real PTE exam. Deeper learning of the strategies and a little planning can help a candidate clear the test at perfect ease. 

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