Fairway is one of the parts of a golf course. The ball should land within this area. Back in the old days, there were not clear cut fairways. Modern fairways have two parts including the landing zone and the fringe linking the green and the fairway. The surroundings dictate the size and shape of the fairway. However, it should be designed strategically with the game and maintenance in mind. 

Different areas require different types of Jacobsen golf course mowers. 7700A PrecisionCut™ Fairway Mower is one of the mowers used in the maintenance of the fairway. You can contact a used turf equipment supplier to learn about mowers for other areas. This article covers the features of 7700A PrecisionCut™ Fairway Mower. 

7700A PrecisionCut™ Fairway Mower Feature 

TechControl display 

Easy-to-read TechControl display is passcode protected. It makes it easy to control operation and diagnostics. Different conditions require different mowing, transport or turning speeds. You can quickly change transport speed, turning speed or mowing speed. You can use a GPS device such as a smartphone to precisely adjust settings using a speedometer app. Cutting units are lifted at turns. This is where the turn speed control comes into play. These units are lowered after the turn is made. The mower returns to the mow speed. 

This is one of the advanced John Deere golf course mowers. Its TechControl display provides access to advanced diagnostics. The operator can perform most of the diagnostics from the seat. Visual diagnostics allow maximum uptime. The technician can access all details of the electrical system. There are stored controller codes that help in troubleshooting incidents. The TechControl display uses service timers to notify technicians of the engine oils and hydraulic maintenance. This allows technicians to perform maintenance duties on time. The operator can also set a language for the TechControl.

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Warning notifications alert the operator of the problems arising during operation.

Serious Hill Climbing Capabilities

This golf course equipment has an eHydro hydrostatic pump for its hill-climbing capabilities. This system can handle challenging conditions. This machine is best for undulating terrain. A servo-controlled hydrostatic pump drives the traction system of this machine. The control of the pump is electronic now. As 94 parts from the traction drive system have been eliminated, this is a less complex design. A technician does not have to adjust to linkages. Maintenance and repair time and efforts are also reduced. Operation and maintenance are much easier now.

Superior Traction

This machine has a GRIP All-Wheel Drive Traction System. In addition to providing superior traction, this system also reduces wheel slip. To prevent the front left wheel from sleeping, the machine moves the hydraulic fluid to the right rear wheel. The traction always remains positive.

Straight Stripes

This John Deere golf course mower allows straight stripes that are very similar to stripes on the greens. The equalized steering effort allows easy turns. 

Proper Weight Distribution

The proper size of tires ensures low ground pressure and proper weight distribution. Weight is one of the factors that affect turf compaction. 

There are several other options when it comes to choosing John Deere golf course mowers for fairway and other areas. Other brands also manufacture fairway golf course mowers. Compare their features and specifications to make the right choice.


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