Have you seen people wearing knee support during exercise, workout in the gym, or cycling? If so, then know its purpose. These knee support are called “Knee Sleeves” that are designed to serve as pain utilities by protecting the knees from wounds or cuts. Your knees are more prone to injury while you’re working out, running or doing weightlifting exercises. 

There are many doubts regarding the knee sleeves and knee braces as people think they serve the same purpose. Somehow they are similar but have a thin line difference. Generally, knee sleeves don’t work well if you  have faced many severe injuries in the past. In contrast, knee braces are for protecting the damaged joints. Workout knee caps are becoming popular as many people are looking for form-fitting knee sleeves. Brands are offering practical yet fashionable knee protectors for men and women.

Women these days are cautious about their health and put high-efforts to shape their bodies. We could see a drastic change in the fitness industry, where women are now leading the training programs. From parks to gyms, wherever you see there’s no place where you won’t find women working out and challenging themselves to remain fit. Women are even looking for comfortable and stylish outfits to exercise without any hassle. Moreover, they are searching online for the best knee brace for women or knee support for women.

Benefits of Wearing Knee Sleeves

While doing exercise for 2-3 hours per day, one can go through muscle soreness. Right? No worries, the right-size knee caps for a physical workout can be your best companion. The quality knee protectors will help you to perform safer and longer. Let’s look at the advantages of putting knee sleeves:

  • Increase blood flow due to high compression.
  • Reduce joint pain because of heavy lifting, jumping, dance practice, or any other physical activity.
  • Quick recovery and balance the knee-movement.
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Knee Sleeves Vs. Knee Wraps

Are you the one looking for a comfy and flexible outfit for your workout? Then, knee wraps are less applicable to it. Even you don’t find knee wraps easier than knee sleeves as they are rigid, heavy, and thick in the material.

While lifting heavyweights through legs, the movement of knees is relatively high. Here, knee wraps are unsuitable as they restrict the joint-movements in comparison to knee sleeves. Even the knee-wraps cover the patella and increase friction. 

What does Statistics Speak About Knee Health?

Various reports have been shown that include serious injuries to adults’ knees. It’s due to heavy exercises or by playing outdoor sports like football, basketball, etc. According to the “American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons report,” nearly half of Americans face knee injuries, and one in twenty Americans already bear artificial knees.  

Important Highlights

As discussed, while performing snatch, powerlifting, or clean & jerk, the chances of knee can be vulnerable. This is why it’s necessary to wear knee sleeves because otherwise it could lead you to long term injuries and damage.However, you don’t need to put on knee protectors for all kinds of weightlifting where the stress is less on legs than other parts of your body. Inadequate training can be the biggest challenge; it is vital to get the knee saver for you in this scenario. 


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