Nowadays, coconut water has gained popularity no less than a celebrity. Coconut water has made its presence due to its positive effects on human health. Coconut water in the coming years is estimated to be the most popular drink of all. 

According to Statista, the coconut water market in the United States is expected to reach 2.08 billion dollars. Whereas, globally the sales of coconut water is expected to reach 8.03 billion by 2023. Is it actually that beneficial to our health that people are giving it such a great preference or it’s just the magic marketing?

Firstly, let’s understand what is it and what factors make it beneficial for human health. 

Coconut water is a transparent/clear liquid water which can be found inside immature coconuts. People usually confuse it with coconut milk whereas, both are different things. It is packed with electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium. It is best known to be consumed for rehydration purposes. Potassium may also be beneficial for people who do less or no exercise.  

Consumption of coconut water will help to reduce blood pressure and stroke risk. A cup of coconut water is considered to have content in terms of potassium compared with a medium-sized banana. It also helps in digestion and prevents constipation. If you’re feeling sick like if you’re having diarrhea or vomiting, drinking coconut juice will help a lot in balancing the hydration system. 

Women are happily found to be consuming this because of the obvious reason, that it promotes circulation and gives you radiant-looking skin. Moreover, if you’re someone who’s diet-conscious and is trying to cut out sugary beverages, coconut water is a savior for you! Coconut comes with no or zero added sugar. Keep sipping! 

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Get you out of your hangover. Yes, you read that right. If you’re going to drink a good amount of fine, make sure you keep coconut water stocked in your fridge. 

These were some of the basic benefits that coconut water has over your health. But is it really that helpful in terms of being considered as a sports drink? 

People who are indulged in physical exercises and even sports undoubtedly, have lots of sweating, where a person will have an urge to consume a sports drink.  Coconut water has 5 times more potassium compared with the famous sports drink, Gatorade. Cramps in muscles tend to take place during certain sports activities, this is where coconut water is your savior angel due to the high content of potassium in it.  A study revealed that coconut water contained up to 1500 mg/liter of potassium whereas Gatorade and Powerade contained 300mg/liter at the same time. 

Coconut water has no fat, which makes it far better than other drinks. 

According to C.G Jung’s idea of “shadows”, suggests that “the dimensions of our lives that are entirely contradictory to what we believe our experience in reality.” How can we relate this to coconut water vs sports drink? It is a frame of interest that if a sports drink has a dark shadow, it is coconut water. 

When you are looking for something to drink while exercising for a short period of time, coconut water works well. On the other hand, coconut water isn’t a good option if you sweat a lot. About why? In terms of human physiology, when we work out, coconut water is quite the opposite of what we need to replace sweat. The major reason is that the primary electrolyte found in coconut water is potassium, however, the primary electrolyte found in sweat is sodium. 

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Drinking a coconut water bottle during workout/exercise isn’t going to kill us but our kidneys tend to maintain the electrolyte concentrations in check. The reality is that it’s good but it won’t help us during exercise compared to a good sports drink with a sufficient amount of sodium. 


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