Of you mostly play console video games you might find it difficult to control a PC game that is controlled by using a keyboard and a mouse. So you to play PC video games easily you can use a gamepad or look for Xpadder. This software was designed keeping in the players who play console video games exclusively. It is one of the best mouse and keyboard simulators that is available on the market.

Xpadder allows individuals to map keyboard keys and mouse button actions to their game controller buttons. It also allows users to map the mouse pointer to their Best Pc game controller sticks. The software can also handle combinations, sequences, toggles, triggers, shift sets, multiple controllers and more.

Xpadder works on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows and supports windows XP and Vista, 7, 8, 10, 8.1. It also supports up to 16 controllers al at the same time. It was designed for gamepads, arcade games sticks and joysticks. Xpadder is regularly updated so it can provide new features to its users.

You can download the software from here: https://lisanilssonart.com/xpadder-download-latest-official/ and then follow the steps below.

  1. After you have downloaded the program unzip its files, and install the software on your PC like you do with any other software. Create a folder where you can keep the saved profiles.
  2. The Xpadder will open, click on the console looking icon and select new.
  3. You will be redirected to controller Editor.
  4. You can add an image for your profile if you like by going to the image tab and then simply choose the image you like the most.
  5. Back to the controller editor select Direction pad, you will see many buttons, simply add them on the by dragging and dropping the buttons.
  6. Set your profile and open layout then assign keys to the pad’s buttons.
  7. You can do it easily by clicking on the corresponding button and press on the chosen key that is on your on screen virtual keyboard.
  8. If by any mistake you select the wrong button you can simply click on yellow NONE button.
  9. The lastly save you’re your settings and you can access them later.
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Now playing pc games is easy for those who are only familiar with consoles. Just download Xpadder and enjoy your PC video gaming experience and also compete with other PC gamers.


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