Today, keyboards are a fundamental part of every mobile device, with them we can perform a large part of the terminal functions. In addition, in the case of the Android operating system, we can customize them in several ways. All this with the objective that the user can feel comfortable with each of the team’s functions.

Being able to choose a new keyboard is not very complicated, mainly because on the market there are many applications available for this operating system, with them you can change the color, emoticons, add new functions, change the police, among many other options. Just download them and open this app to start working.

Because of the great importance that these last times have had, a large number of tools have been created which will allow you to personalize all of this in a simple and fast way. This is why we are going to show you here a list of the best programs that you can download from the Play Store so that you can install a new keyboard on your Smartphone.

List of the 12 best keyboards to use with your free and paid Android phone or tablet

It is important to mention that the keyboards of the Android operating system are considered good. In addition, they allow you to configure it according to your needs, as well as to use two or more languages.

However, on many occasions, you want to install a third-party application to fulfill this function, either because it includes a new and more sophisticated tool than those brought by the original keyboards.

Swype keyboard

Swype is one of the oldest keyboards and was one of the first to write a word by simply sliding your finger over the letters on the board. Among its main features, we will find its high speed of writing messages, it does not stop thinking or loading like other programs of this type.

You have the possibility to synchronize it with a personal dictionary and this gives you the possibility of including there the words which you use most so that they are loaded in the automatic correction and in the future this will not be a disadvantage for the moment that these are modified by another, thus causing a nuisance to the user.

Swype Keyboard you can get it for around $ 5 USD, maybe one of the cheapest on the market. In addition, it has a free trial version which is only available for one month.


One of the first keyboards of the Android operating system and today considered one of the best. It has a large number of functions and is mainly characterized by its great configurability, in which you can choose from a large number of available themes.

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You can organize numbers by lines, change the size of the keys, their order, include new words in the dictionary and change the color, among many other tools you can count on.

One of its main advantages is that you can get it for free from the Play Store. One way to start enjoying a new keyboard on your computer with which you can do almost anything you imagine.


This is the Google Experience keyboard, which has been integrated into almost all Android phones. It is considered today as one of the best and most complete behind Swype, it has different functions which led it to become one of the most used keyboards.

You can do quick searches, support Gif, custom themes, you can put your photos in the background, it has a lot of emoticons, among many other functions you will find in the app.

Gboard has a writing gesture and is currently considered one of the best alternatives on the market.


Another of the most famous keyboards of the operating system, it is mainly characterized by being the fastest application of all, so much so that it already has its place in the Guinness Records books. In a fairly conventional and easy to use application, you will feel great.

With Fleksy, you can write very quickly, it has very characteristic colors that will make its interface much more attractive and its lyrics are great, has a variety of emoticons and above all, you can get it for free on the Play Store.


A very good keyboard but perhaps one of the most complicated at the time of use, so much so that at the time of downloading and starting the program you will have to do a short tutorial of 30 seconds to discover the functions that he offers you.

Minuum is considered to be the smallest keyboard available for Android devices. Therefore, this can be a little annoying during use, but it will take getting used to.

At first it might be difficult but eventually everything will get better and you will realize that this program is worth it, it has very good functions with which you can have a good time when using it.

Slash Keyboard

Slash is one of the programs which today is not yet widely recognized but which has great functions which may perhaps in the future be positioned as one of the best on the market.

Currently, it has a great resemblance to the Google-Gboard keyboard, we can say that at first glance it does not attract attention because it may seem very basic but it has really interesting tools.

One of the most interesting things about Slash Keyboard is that it allows you to perform Google searches directly from its platform, you can also share links which become a good alternative, it has a wide variety of emoticons and Gif, among many other functions. Without a doubt a good alternative to try.

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Most keyboard applications are characterized by very simple customization. However, when we talk about Chrooma, we are referring to a platform that will perform this type of action for you, that is, it will change color automatically without you having to do it.

It is considered a very good program and also has a large number of tools that you can configure, but the problem may be that most of them are paid. Although it also has very good tools that you can use without having to spend money.

Google Keyboard – Bonus

When we talk about this application, we are referring to one of the most classic Google keyboards and you have probably installed it at the factory on your computer, although this is not always the case. Most manufacturers choose to include their keyboards in their devices.

The bonus is a very interesting and very good tool, it has a minimalist design but it does not have a large number of functions like the current keyboards.

The bonus is a keyboard more suitable for normal users who only want a good platform for typing quickly and easily, not an application that has a large number of functions that you will not use. Keep in mind that it was developed by Google which can guarantee you a good functioning.


If you are looking for a fairly customizable application, Touchpal is the best option. You will find many themes to customize it, most are free but also have paid themes.

Among its main features we can find voice writing, which generally works very quickly, it has a word autocomplete, although it is not very pleasant for many users, it gives you the possibility to change the keyboard language only with Drag the space bar and shortcuts if you want to add new languages.

It gives you the ability to sync your dictionary, write templates, among many other tools via your cloud. It has a wide variety of emojis and you can download it from Google Play. A good option for users who like to customize everything for you.

Perfect keyboard

It is important to mention that Perfect Keyboard is not one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play. However, it is considered to be a very interesting program that gives users the possibility to customize it, has the possibility to choose the size of each of the keys and has a tablet style format very comfortable to write.


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