AI engineer certification

Deep learning is a fast-growing area, where skilled professionals are required. Companies are restless in their approach to hire professionals who are equipped with deep learning, machine learning, and data science skills. According to a recent LinkedIn report, AI specialists is the fastest-growing job category in the U.S., growing 74 percent annually. The average annual salary of AI specialists is $136000. 

Huge demand for AI professionals 

Today AI (artificial intelligence) marks a significant shift in the industry, revolutionizing it in ways that increase productivity and efficiency of people and business operations. Organizations lacking requisite AI talent can soon find themselves losing market share if they don’t invest in AI. Data science, machine learning, and IoT are the most in-demand skills that companies are looking to hire for.

Companies especially those in retail, consumer electronics, internet, and higher education, offering employees upskill programs can help them to advance in their careers while developing key talent for the organization, increasing talent retention among companies. Tech professionals lacking these skills will find themselves at a professional disadvantage. 

Upskilling employees will also help professionals make them more valuable to their employers. Organizations will benefit by incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence into their products, services, and business processes. 

Enterprises and companies are looking at how these emerging technologies can benefit them. As companies spot opportunities to leverage these technologies, they are looking to develop or import these skills. AI specialists who can help companies leverage AI and automate processes and systems are hugely in demand across the industry.  

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Building AI talent 

Enterprises have the following ways to develop AI talent.

  1. In-house training

    Organizations hire external instructors to provide training to their employees. This training is part of their professional development and is paid -for by employers. Organizations can choose a handful of high -performing employees to train who can lay down the path for further development. 
  • Online learning

    The latest pandemic has forced every individual to be their teacher. Employers can allow employees access to self -learning courses or instructor-led programs, which allows employees to learn at their own pace. These programs can be taken along with a full -time job.  
  • Online global certifications

Global AI certifications demonstrate the holder’s readiness to work in a corporate setting to deliver business results. Employers can collaborate with AI certification bodies to impart in-demand AI skills. Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AIETM) from ARTIBA (Artificial Intelligence Board of America), Artificial Engineering Professional from IBM offered on Coursera, Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning and AI from MIT are a few valuable AI certifications in the industry. 

 AIETM is a globally -recognized comprehensive AI engineer certification that equips holders with skills in supervised and unsupervised machine learning, regression, natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, and cognitive computing, paving way for a multitude of career paths in AI.   

4. Online degree in artificial intelligence 

 Looking at the growing demand for AI engineers, universities have started to offer online degrees in artificial intelligence, machine learning, NLP, and other specific AI areas. eCornell (an online subsidiary of Cornell University), for instance, offers a master’s degree in artificial intelligence. Similarly, Colorado State University offers an online master’s degree in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Stanford University offers an online degree in deep learning.  

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 Artificial intelligence is the new fuel for growth in the industry. AI specialists are eligible drivers of the vehicle that will expectedly drive companies toward growth. So companies are not ready to leave any stone unturned to build AI teams that drive their vision for growth and profitability. Building AI competency by upskilling, reskilling, hiring, and/or sourcing from other countries is the first step toward doing it.  If you’re looking for a prosperous career in technology, learning AI skills should be on top of the list of your priorities.


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