The yoga pants come under the category of activewear. They can also be worn while performing in non-athletic events. On the other hand, leggings are introduced for regular wear.

Nowadays, yoga pants become fashionable clothing, and women prefer to wear them when they want to have something comfortable and stylish. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various points that help us in differentiating between yoga pants and leggings:

1. Pieces Of fabric Sewn

In the case of leggings, two pieces of fabrics are combined together. On the other hand, custom yoga pants are designed by sewing five pieces of fabric. Stitching style is one of the biggest differences between yoga pants and leggings. If you want to have stylish legging or yoga pants, then you should hire a professional who offers custom yoga pants printing services

2.  Waistband

Another simple way to determine the difference between yoga pants and leggings are waistbands. The waistbands in legging are designed to sit below the belly button. Moreover, the elastic bands in the leggings are thicker and sewn inside the legging fabric. On the other hand, waistbands of yoga pants are designer higher than the belly button.

The elastic band used to firm the waistband of yoga pants is of good quality as compare to leggings. The higher waistbands of yoga pants provide support while doing athletic activities. The good quality waistband in yoga pants will ensure that you can do any athletic task without worry about your pants. 

3.  Stitching

Overlock & cover-stitching types are used to design leggings. This type of stitching seems hidden, and you will get smooth finishing. In the case of leggings, the main focus is to obtain a more sophisticated look. Thus, a hidden form of stitching is adopted to design legging. You can pair your leggings with heels or sneakers to look elegant and smart.


If we talk about yoga pants, then Double Flatlock stitching is used to design yoga pants. This kind of stitching is more noticeable. But, this kind of stitching makes sure that there will be no chances of breaking.

It is a rugged form of stitching so that you can wear yoga pants while doing stretching, jumping, or various other athletic activities. Nowadays, leggings and yoga pants have become trendy clothing. Mostly, custom design leggings are in huge demand.

4.  Length

Although this feature is totally dependent on the personal choice of the person, and yoga pants are a bit longer than leggings. So, when you opt for legging, then you can go for any length. But, when it comes to yoga pants, then choose a bit longer.

Moreover, it is important to mention the difference between “Capri and calf-length”. These two have major differences in their lengths, and both styles are available in yoga pants.

5.  Gusseted Crotch

The yoga leggings should have gusseted crotch that ensures high flexibility and optimal movement. The gusseted crotch is a triangular-shaped fabric that can be sewn together. It will form the crotch! This pattern will allow free movement.

Moreover, it ensures no vulgarity when you pair yoga pants with shirt tops. A little piece of cloth when wisely sewn together with the yoga pants, then it will form a big difference. On the other hand, if we talk about the legging, then there is no gusseted crotch.

6.  Purpose

The yoga pants are specially designed for gym wear or athletic purpose. The yoga pants are good for regular dong exercise because of high comfort, sturdy stitching, gusseted crotch, and flexibility allow you to do a workout without any problem. On the other hand, the leggings are designed for casual wear. They are designed to be worn under your clothes to ensure comfort.

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7.  Fabric

The yoga pants are made up of thick and opaque fabric so that you can do athletic activities comfortably. While doing a workout in the gym, yoga, or any athletic stunt, it is important to ensure that your clothing is appropriate to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Usually, the yoga pants feature tight elastic and flexible fabric material.

On the other hand, the fabric used for designing custom-fit legging is thin and stretchy. It is recommended to wear leggings with a long top as they are too sheer. Leggings are not pants, and they are designed to wear with long tops only.

Wrap Up

As you understood the difference between yoga pants and leggings, therefore, you can choose the right type on the right occasion. For instance, if you are planning to go out for a party, family function, or get together with your friends, then legging will be the right choice. If you want to join the gym, do a workout, casual adventure with friends, stylish and bold appearance, you should choose yoga pants.


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