Let’s face it, internet is not responsible for obesity. It’s all you, however, if you have connectivity issues then your costly Internet Service Provider is to be blamed. I can’t blame mine because Optimum internet prices are not just reasonable but also because it never pushes me down the black-hole of a poor connection. Make sure your ISP is as good or just change to mine. They have a reasonable and fixed rate as well as a 24/7 tech support team ready for you!

So … yeah … blame it all on the poor Internet and not yourself. Today, I want to talk from its side and actually say it out loud that no – your obesity has nothing to do with internet. Stop spreading rumors about it. :-/

In order to prove to you, the master manipulators of this blame game, I actually searched up and came across some amazing blogs and vlogs that keep you motivated. They try their best to make you aware of the necessity of fitness and also share personal experiences. I am bringing about 3 of the top fitness and health bloggers to you, as per my choice, and you should totally follow at least one of them or someone you know.


To be safe health-wise, obviously.

1. MindBodyGreen

If you seek more than just physical fitness, this is your go-to blog. They focus on your mental, emotional as well as spiritual health as per your environment and surrounding. They gather up advices from chefs, celebrities, doctors alongside fitness experts to bring out the full tips and strategies related to your health. Sometimes, poor health is more to be blamed on your emotional state rather than food and they know it!

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Their articles also focus on yoga, meditation and holistic healing.

2. Breaking Muscle

Ever wanted to be friends with people who are downright passionate about fitness? Yes, fitness enthusiasts can bring out the positive side of health inside you. This blog is managed by such people. It is a full-service fitness site. It is also very helpful for both expecting as well as new mommies. The coolest thing about it is that you are challenged … yes, they give you new challenges every now and then; to keep you motivated … and honestly what better way to work your fat off than this fun way?

They are the latest information hub for fitness embedded with juicy nutritional benefits.

3. Fit Bottomed Girls

Two best friends set sail to bring about innovation in nutrition by using their combat writing skills amalgamated with fitness. The two kept advancing in the world of obesity and brought upon another warrior later on to help them spread more acceptance towards their idea of a healthy life with minimum deprivation. The best thing about them is that they understand that people can have a life outside gyms and fitness classes. It gets difficult to go to the gym every day, at times. Thus, with the Fit Bottomed Girls guarding your back you can find many creative and easy ways to exercise and workout where ever you want.

Apart from these and many other blogs, you can always look up different types of cardio exercises on YouTube alongside many diet plans available all over the internet.

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I have heard a lot of people saying that internet is the reason they got fat or that it ruins health and makes you crave for fast food and whatnot. There are just as many statements as many mouths in this world. We just love to play the blame game, I guess. It only makes sense, doesn’t it? We already have other things to be blamed for so why not blame this little thing on something that won’t get up and talk back, right?


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