Travel and Tourism Plays the vital role in economic growth of the country. The word tour came from Latin word tornus meaning a tool for making a circle. Tourism is the movement of the people from the residence place to another place for the minimum time of 24 hours to 6 months. As Per the WTO (World Trade Organization) tourism is the activities of a person traveling and staying outside the usual environment.

Technology adoption in the tourism industry made this affordable and convenient with availability of low cost airlines, Jumbos jets, more accessible airports.

September 27 is celebrated world tourism day every year to raise the awareness of the role of tourism in international community. Travel and tourism is as old as mankind on the earth.

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As per the report analysis of the world travel and tourism council tourism in India has generated the Rs 16.91 lakh crore and contributing the 9.2%  of India’s GDP in 2018 and created the 42.673 million jobs which is more than 8% of total employment.

The ministry of tourism has launched various policies for the development and promotion of the tourism and maintains the Incredible India campaign focused in promotion of the tourism in India.

  MEIS Scheme was launched to give the export benefits to the goods exporters and Following Schemes introduced by the Government to promote the travel and tourism:-

Swadesh Darshan Scheme:- The Ministry of tourism has launched Swadesh Darshan Scheme to promote the tourism in the country.

Objective of the Scheme:-

  • To Develop world class infrastructure to promote the cultural and heritage value
  • Enhance the tourist attractiveness

The National Mission for Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augmentation Drive scheme:-

This scheme was launched by the Ministry for the Development and beautification of pilgrimage sites.

Online Platform for the promotion:-

Web based public delivery system was introduced to find the service providers and classification of hotels can be checked.

Incentive Schemes from the Government:-

Government has introduced various schemes to promote the services from the country which also include the travel and tourism as this industry gives the chance to earn in foreign currency. Under SEIS Scheme service exporters can get the benefits of 5% to 7% on net foreign exchange earned on the travel and tourism sectors in the form of transferable duty credit scrips. Advance Authorisation Scheme allows the import of raw materials without paying the custom duties.

To avail the benefits service exporters need to do the application on DGFT website with the help of digital signature certificate and SEPC RCMC and the documents need to attach online is invoices, FIRCs, CA Certified statements etc.

Recently Government launched RoDTEP Scheme to provide the benefits to the goods exporters in the form of scrip. EPCG Scheme is issued to allow duty free import of capital goods at 0 custom duty.


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