Your body needs a specific amount of CBD per day. It is important to determine this by a simple process. If you’re a beginner to CBD, start with the lowest amount possible and then work your way up slowly until you get the right amount for your body.

CBD candies can help you calculate how much CBD you want to take. This article guides the uses of CBD candy and the right dose for each use. Before taking CBD candy in any dose, there are a few considerations.

Considerations before deciding on the dose

Before deciding on the number of candies to take, consider the following points;

● Body weight – the weight is directly proportional to the amount of CBD candy to take. Light people should take a lower dose than heavy people.

● Desired effects – the goal determines how much candy to consume. For mild conditions, take lower doses while for severe conditions like chronic pain, take a higher dose for quick actions.

● Concentration – concentration of gums, is the amount of CBD in gums measured in milligrams (mg). Most gummy candies vary between 1 mg and 30 mg of CBD. When you already understand the right amount for your body, it’s easier for you to calculate the right concentration.

● Tolerance – after taking CBD for a while, your body becomes tolerant and you no longer feel the effects. For such cases, increase the concentration and therefore the amount consumed per day.

Good amount of CBD candy to take

The amount you take for one goal is different from the amount for another goal. Below is a guide to the right dose for everyday needs;

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CBD Gummies for Anxiety

Anxiety is a disorder characterized by feelings of fear and worry that interfere with normal human activities. Continued stress can lead to depression.

Recently conducted research has recommended between 100 mg and 600 mg of CBD to relieve this condition. So you can calculate the equivalent amount of CBD Gummies you need to get this amount.

CBD Gummies for Pain

CBD relieves the chronic pain associated with any medical condition. It interacts with the CB receptors under the skin to relieve pain. For chronic pain, you will need up to 25 g of CBD candy per day.

The amount will however depend on the severity of the pain you feel. The greater the pain, the more CBD is needed. Since CBD is safe, you can take any amount in the carrier.

CBD Gummies for Sleep

CBD is a sedative and can therefore calm you down. If you have insomnia or a related disorder, CBD candies can help you calm down and sleep.

For insomnia or any related sleep disorder, take at least 160 mg of CBD. This amount also varies depending on the severity of your condition.

CBD Gummies for foreclosures

Attacks are common in epileptic patients. Some types of epilepsy are difficult to treat, but CBD helps reduce the seizures associated with it.

Patients with epilepsy need more than 200 mg of CBD per day. The good side is that CBD can eliminate epilepsy in some people.


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