Brutal Force is a manufacturer of steroid alternatives, or legal steroids, that is trying to steer people away from buying illegal drugs from the black market. 

Instead, they are trying to formulate supplements that can mimic the anabolic effects of steroids — but without any negative effects. 

This is a big ask, however this market has been very popular in the last decade; with some users testifying to the effectiveness of such products. 

What legal steroids does Brutal Force have in their range, and should you buy them? 

Discover all below. 

DBulk (dianabol)

DBulk is the legal steroid alternative for dianabol (or methandrostenolone). 

Dianabol has been used for the last 50 years, helping bodybuilders build large amounts of muscle. Dianabol was one of the favourite steroids used in the golden era, among deca durabolin and primobolan. 

DBulk replicates the same chemical processes in the body by increasing testosterone and nitrogen retention uptake in the muscles. 

DBulk is suitable for people looking to bulk up and increase raw strength. 

SBulk (sustanon)

Sustanon is just a type of testosterone ester. Testosterone is used like dianabol, to bulk up and increase muscular strength and endurance. However, testosterone does have slightly better fat burning properties due to enhanced androgenicity. Therefore, SBulk is less commonly used, but still effective, when dieting (helping users retain muscle). 

SBulk is designed to mimic the effects of testosterone sustanon, but without any side effects. The product is designed to maximize endogenous testosterone, by combining different amino acids and herbs together. 

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ABulk (anadrol)

Anadrol, or oxymetholone, is one of the most powerful steroids on the market. However, it’s not incredibly popular because some are afraid of the side effects. 

It often results in users blowing up in size, as well as setting new personal record lifts in the gym (with ease). 

It is regarded as potentially the most powerful bulking steroid available (with dianabol). 

ABulk is designed to pack on mass, like anadrol, but without it affecting blood pressure and causing liver damage. 

ABulk is best suited to those looking to get as big as possible, in a short space of time. 

TBulk (Trenbolone)

Trenbolone is used as a bulking or cutting steroid depending on the objectives of the user. However, more often than not, trenbolone is used to bulk up — packing on lots of lean muscle (whilst losing fat). 

However, trenbolone like anadrol, is sometimes avoided by men; because it’s a very harsh compound. Blood pressure fluctuations and testosterone suppression are often excessive when cycling tren. 

TBulk in comparison is 100% safe, with only natural ingredients included in their formula. Thus, if you want to build muscle and burn fat, without worrying about your physical health deteriorating — TBulk was made for you. 

CCut (Clenbuterol)

Clenbuterol is a drug that was designed to help asthma patients breathe more efficiently, however over time, people started to observe its powerful effects on the metabolism. Now the first thing people think when they hear the word ‘clenbuterol’ is — fat burner. 

However, clenbuterol has a host of unpleasant effects, that are particularly harsh in users who are sensitive to stimulants (or have existing high adrenaline levels). 

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Thus, Ccut is designed to provide a more natural stimulative effect, increasing calorie burn (but without any side effects). Thus, Ccut users do not need to worry about insomnia, anxiety or heart palpitations throughout the day. Because it is safe, Ccut can also be cycled for longer periods of time, compared to clenbuterol. 

Brutal Force’s Bulking and Cutting Stack 

This stack is essentially all of these legal steroids combined together. Thus, for people purchasing this stack; these supplements are designed to build muscle, increase strength and burn fat (simultaneously). 

Stacking all supplements like this is usually the best way to experience better gains, rather than taking one legal steroid by itself. 

If you were to run real steroids all together like this, the side effects would be incredibly dangerous — making Brutal Force’s products unique in regards to safety. 

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